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'Don't eat the quiche' - listener discussions to 12 August

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"Don't eat the quiche!" Bridge Farm was the main focus of conversation last week with dire warnings to guests at Robert and Lynda's garden party.

And "ghastly" James and Leonie, Brookfield's economics "nasty" Tom, "overindulged" Pip and "obnoxious twerp"/ "sensitive"* Will Grundy have all come under discussion...

*delete as appropriate.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 10-12 August 2011

Happy anniversary Robert and Lynda!

Whisper whisper... don't eat the quiche...pass it on... (Freda Fry)

I think we are about to witness the outbreak of the great Ambridge plague of e-clarroi. (The Dull-Eyed-Llama)

For pity's sake denizens of #ambridge, give #clariegrundy's quiche the widest of wide berths! #thearchers (@ BorsetshireEcho on Twitter)

Read the gossip on the message board: Whisper Whisper...

The James and Leonie pairing has split listeners - some can't wait for them to leave, while others are thoroughly enjoying their uncomfortable presence in Ambridge.

Good grief. Spare us this ghastly pair. (FleetingEileenM)

How can you even listen to these two without kicking in the radio in a futile but irresistible attempt to reach their faces? (Jon Dylon)

The James/Leonie combination is the funniest SW invention since Nelson Gabriel, imho (mike)

Some of the best awkward radio silences I've heard in a long time in Jamie + Leonie's scene. #thearchers really are terribly good value. (@greyred on Twitter)

Take sides on the message board - are you For or Against?

On the message board, Leonie's excited email to her publisher has appeared in Fantasy Archers...

Attached an outline of the first 5 chapters to give you a glimpse of what James and I are planning - we see so much scope for promotional ideas and add on marketing tie ins. Am so excited! Had an amazingly useful weekend and made some extraordinary contacts who are total one off original rurals - honestly can't believe people like them exist in the 21st century - bit like discovering one of those tiny Amazonian tribes living in a jungle ! Absolute naturals. James said it was like Deliverance without banjos... (Vicky S)

Read the email exchange in Fantasy Archers on the message board

Over at beleaguered Bridge Farm, "nasty" Tom still has had listeners shouting at their radios. Some desperately want Clarrie to be exonerated. Perhaps Bridge Farm should rebrand?

I for one am hoping with all my heart that the ecoli is eventually traced back to his sausages!!! (SIO)

just like Death Cigarettes, Bridge farm should rebrand: all new Plague ice cream! #thearchers #archers (@mdransfield on Twitter)

I think I might cancel my "loyalty" card for Underwoods... #thearchers #archers (@ Aunt_Pat_Archeron Twitter)

I expected Shula to at least buy a strawberry yogurt when Susan said that "not one" had been sold. Mean thing (Sallyruth)

Join the conversation: Snarty Little Twonk strikes again

There's a fascinating debate on the message board about Brookfield's economics - could the farm support Pip in future?

Pip is quite right; if they butchered and marketed their own lambs, they might make another £40K per year which would be a reasonable start for Pip. (Seveek)

Most farms are cash negative after tax and living expenses - so nothing remains for future reinvestment. Hence the continuing collapse in the size of the industry. Latest survey shows 13% of dairy farmers intend to quit in next two years (up from 10% last year). (Ayrshire Cowman)

Read both sides of the debate on the message board: Brookfield Farm Accounts Year Ending 31th July, 2011 and Cold economic reality

On Wednesday, listeners were asking why no one ever gently reminds Pip that the world doesn't revolve around her?

Can she get any more irritating? How dare Adam not get back to her in response to her genius marketing idea. Just slide the tuna/mayo under the door Ruth


The good thing about this of course is that Josh is now showing an interest, which will put Perfect Pip's nose (which I picture as permanently crumpled with contempt for anyone who isn't David, Ruth or Jill) right out of joint. I'm already looking forward to the Brookfield Inheritance Wars in 2040. Ben will have the good sense to move out of the enclave, I suspect (JoLean)

After Will's gift to Clarrie and his chat with "poacher" Josh, there was plenty of praise for Will's attitude (down to the love of a good woman?) - but some listeners weren't buying it...

I thought he was really nice and sensitive tonight - I think he handled Josh well and he approached Clarrie well. He did his job well and was a good son and had clearly discussed the matter with Nic... he didn't put a foot wrong. (Ginslinger Redux)

#thearchers I take everything bad said about Will in past ! Thats how u support ur family when times r tough. Take Note stupid Tom Archer (@Massie68 on Twitter)

I thought he was an obnoxious twerp playing Lord of all He Surveys. Takes all sorts... It's not what he does, but the way that he does it. Coming over all Lord of the Manor, aren't I doing well with plenty of cash to splash, ge' orrf my laaand. That's what grates for me (Fi of little faith)

I look forward to Emma finding out how Will is helping his parents, and pushing Ed into a similar - but, of course, bigger - gesture, apres Trollgate! (Jacks Parakeet)

Have your say in the Much criticised Will, but... thread on the message board.

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