"I'm going to miss Ivy" - listener discussions to 3 November 2011

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This week, The Archers' listeners remember Ivy Horrobin - "The village will be a poorer and quieter place without her." Brenda's place in the family has been debated after Tony excluded her from the Bridge Farm meeting, and Tom's successful pig video is upsetting some.

There's more on Will and Nic's wedding preparations and a Radio 4 Continuity Announcer drops by.

Over in Ambridge Extra, hopes for Clive's rehabilitation are fading fast, and who has Erin set her sights on?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 28 October and 3 November 2011.

It's "slippery Brian" v Adam - when it comes to the Battle for Home Farm, who will win? Has Brian ever really cared for his stepson? And will Adam soon be leaving Home Farm?

Brian is just so slippery, he handled the whole thing appallingly and Adam should say no on principle. (Donna Savery on Facebook)

Adam appears to me to be arguing purely from a "You never consult me so I won't support you" point, not any logic about the farm... (RobinAFromSway)

I don't know why Brian puts up with him. Don't like Debbie or Adam since they tried to push Ruari out of his inheritance. Brian owes them what exactly? (sunnysakasredux)

Take sides in the I've gone right off Brian thread.

Ivy's death on Monday spawned a splendidly tongue-in-cheek thread about this former silent character. Those listening to Ambridge Extra, however, are pleased that she's got over her terrible cough!

I'm going to miss Ivy. Her witty jokes. Her devastating put downs. Her double entendres. Her words of wisdom. The way she was always at the centre of astute political discussion in the Bull. Her mesmerising story telling skills. Her knowledge of folk lore and traditional songs . Her encyclopaedic recall of bloodstock lines. The village will be a poorer and quieter place without her. (Vicky S)

Some folk say a ghostly hacking cough can sometimes be heard on the village green... (Froginasock)

Read more in the I'm going to miss Ivy thread on the message board.

Some suspect Clive of having a hand in his mother's death...

#archers #thearchers Tragic about Ivy.....where was Clive at the time of death I wonder (@ ChirpsEstonia on Twitter)

Supportive Neil Carter has come in for much praise

He really does love his wife. And shows the patience of a Saint when she gets in a snit. (beligerent_londoner101)

A man of few words but they all count as opposed to the likes of Lynda and JD [Jenny Darling]. (Purple_Hay)

Give Neil a pat on the back in the aptly named Neil thread.

Over at Bridge Farm, some were despondent at news of the success of Tom's footballing pigs video - and there was much debate over Tony's comment that Brenda be excluded from the "family" meeting.

A viral success for piggy football. I suspect that I am not the only one who is just a little disappointed at this wholly unexpected turn of events? (Dr Toad Leg)

I'd happily give Tom and Brenda 23,000 hits. #thearchers (@stevenperkins on Twitter)

I did think that Brenda had helped with Bridge Farm marketing in the past, if so it seems a bit petty to exclude her now. (Auntie Molly)

It's not take our girlfriends to work week as far as I know. Just because she lives with and claims to be going to marry Tom she's not a partner or employee of the enterprise. And as to whining 'when I think that all I've done for them, it's really hurtful', I nearly threw the radio through the window (A Frend)

Have your say in the Is Brenda a member of the family? thread.

With Will and Nic's wedding preparations well underway - Roy as best man, 'e-Clarrie' making the cake and advising on the bride's dress, and the Shania Twain soundtrack - what could possibly go wrong?

Clarie's making the wedding cake! Entire cast felled! #thearchers (@felixrandal on Twitter)

I've a bad feeling about this one. If it's Clarrie advising on the wedding dress, Nic is in danger of ending up in something sensible in crimplene with a warm cardie that doesn't quite match. (Hot Cross Nun)

Why doesn't Will ask his brother to be his best man? (Graham42 _Soon Be Autumn_)

I know for a fact most registrars would gladly kill Shania Twain. #thearchers (@jamspangle on Twitter)

Read all about it in the Poor Nic's mum and Roy as best man threads.

And Radio 4 Continuity Announcer, Alan Smith (or 1eggor2 as he's known on the message board), popped in on Thursday night to join Mustardlanders listening to The Archers...

Hello everyone - it's your Eggy CA here, a lovely mug of Columbian at my side, ready to listen along with you... I have the vicar in my sights this evening! (1eggor2)

Grab a coffee and join the Good evening from the bunker! thread.

In Ambridge Extra, listeners are coming to the conclusion that Clive hasn't changed. Does Matt really have a plan for dealing with Clive?

How low can Clive sink lying about his mums rings?! Quite a way yet I wager! @BBCRadio4extra @BBCTheArchers #thearchers (@ruggerlad on Twitter)

The Matt / Clive combination has been a brilliant pairing since the first episode - the two of them work perfectly. Adding PussCat to the mix whilst hearing Clive's internal commentary made for a great few minutes. (Mustafa Grumble)

Read all about it on the Excellent Episode thread on the message board.

Has Erin set her sights on Alistair? And is it just work experience she's after?

Now *this* IS a good story. Poor old shy, slightly strange Daniel when his father ends up boffing the girl he fancies. (JoLean)

I suppose that Alistair could fall for her, without anything actually happening, though having both Daniel and Alistair having lustful thoughts about her would be hard for me to listen to ... (Lakey_Hill)

Check out the gossip in the Alistair & Erin thread.

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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  • Comment number 4. Posted by Keri Davies

    on 17 Nov 2011 16:51

    I can't really agree with the sentiments expressed above (which I know will probably confirm your worst suspicions about me).

    It is entirely possible to listen to The Archers without caring a jot for happenings in Ambridge Extra. To take the example MariaClaire mentiones, Susan inferred correctly in The Archers that Clive had taken advantage of his vulnerable father over Ivy's rings. You didn't need to hear that scene in Ambridge Extra because we made sure that the essential information was carried in the main programme.

    As far as Matt's shenanigans are concerned, it must be a fact of the fictional Archers universe that he has plenty of business dealings we don't hear about, in the same way that Grey Gables will have guest disasters, youngsters will have difficulty with burgeoning relationships, Usha has tough cases etc etc - all of which and more we don't have the time to portray in our 13 minutes a day.

    All we're doing is giving those who want it the chance to hear a small additional proportion of this ongoing life.

    (By the way, there's no coersion to buy a DAB radio to hear Ambridge Extra. I usually listen to it on computer, via podcast or Radioplayer)

  • Comment number 3. Posted by anna kist

    on 17 Nov 2011 14:13

    I doubt you will get a reply, Dracs. This blog is more of a bulletin than a dialogue between the production team and its audience.

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  • Comment number 2. Posted by DracoM1

    on 14 Nov 2011 17:29

    The saddest thing is the current frantic search for ratings, reach and headlines by the team, and the more than 'ambivalent' press releases from the team which have incrementally created the erosion of, or for some the complete loss of, TA audience's trust in anything the production team now says about the programme.

    There is gathering irritation at the poor back history detailed research in TA - see the UCE threads- , and a justifiable anger that the AmEx / TA clash has caused. Both have done nothing to reassure the most loyal audience on radio of the bona fides or competence of the team.

    I listen to both Ta and AmEx, and it appals me how much I learn in AmEx about the top, but very hottest top current TA SLs which is NOT then reproduced in TA. It is both slippery and frankly disingenuous to claim as it is regularly that you do not have to listen to AmEx to get the TA story lines. Yes, you don't HAVE to, but by the mass you miss so much about Clive, Ivy, Bert, Neil Carter, not to mention the huge Matt/Clive SL which has scarcely been mentioned in TA proper. Some major scenes defining major characters in THE top TA SL are being missed by TA-only listeners. And there is no doubt on the MBs - not reflected in Tayler's resumes either - that most are agreed that the quality of scripting / pace of narrative are now being determined far more by the needs of the 26 part parallel than by TA itself. It is a shameless and utterly transparent attempt to cajole listeners into DAB / digital, but in the process the integrity of the Archers brand has been seriously compromised.

    To put it no higher, I am continually surprised that Keri Davies - once much respected and liked on the DTA boards - cannot see what he is party to, what is happening, and the fact that he either doesn't, or won't see what damage this is doing to TA tells us a lot about how the team is currently being directed.

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by MariaClaire

    on 11 Nov 2011 10:40

    I'm very disappointed that contrary to what we were all told about AMEX, there is a huge crossover between the two programmes. I don't listen to AMEX, I'm not really interested in it and don't see why I should listen to enjoy the Archers. It now seems that anyone listening to AMEX knows that Clive got his father to agree to his having Ivy's rings and Matt who we don't hear from on the Archers at the moment has a huge storyline in AMEX. What happened to AMEX being about characters who don't normally have a big role in the Archers? As far as I'm concerned we've all been misled about AMEX.

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