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"I'm off hat shopping asap!" - listener discussions to 27 October 2011

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"Let's hear it for Jim" - are he and Christine really suited? With Will and Nic's wedding arrangements underway, listeners wonder whether tying the knot on 1 January is such a great idea for a game-keeper. Tom's ambitions and Clive's appearances in Ambridge have all been debated - along with Emma's nose. How out of joint is it since the wedding was announced?

In Ambridge Extra, Matt's playing with fire, Neil's a hero and Ivy's cough needs attention. But what's Erin up to?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 21-27 October 2011.

"Let's hear it for Jim"

I've always had a soft spot for him - the old rascal! (fabsupergran)

I have grown rather fond of profus jimus of late, and my time spent shouting at him has reduced pro rata. (thats latin, you know). (irene)

I have to admit to finding Auntie Chris/Jimus rather sweet. I must be mellowing #thearchers (@gatherlilacs on Twitter)

What have they got in common? He's an academic and she's horsey. What's the connection? (binocular)

Different interests no competition just enjoy the companionship of gardening, going out to lunch together and following their own iterests at other times... I think it is nice... (Ginslinger Redux)

Add your thoughts to the Auntie C and Jim really get on like a house on fire thread on the message board.

When it comes to Will and Nic's wedding, there have been congratulations and warnings of "Don't do it Nic!". Everything's been debated from the cost of the venue to the day itself. Should Will have opted for such a busy time in the game-keeping calendar to disappear on honeymoon? Is Emma going to insist on a double wedding?

@BBCTheArchers I'm off hat shopping asap! (@wifeinthebin on Twitter)

Aaa aaaaaaah!!!!! I'nt it luv-er-ly.. (JustPresidentBunnikins_Socialist)

I think they are a lovely couple who will be good for each other. Neither is without faults, but that just makes them more human ... I hope they're allowed to live happily ever after, but this being TA, it isn't likely! (flameofthewest)

Congratulations, anything that adds to misery guts Emma's unhappiness is great with me! (Gillian McCafferty on Facebook)

I'm not anti-Emma, I liked her once... but she is turning into a bitter woman of her own making. Her resentment of Nic can only be based on jealousy... and her own judgement calls... otherwise she would be glad of the distraction and stability Nic has brought to Will. She no longer has dilemmas... only choices... and, at least for now they seem very limited. (Bert The Bard)

#thearchers. Ha - Ruth has Emma sussed. (@Faffree on Twitter)

Add your thoughts on the happy couple or "bitter Emma" on the message board.

Why didn't Emma say no to Clive's face when he suggested taking George out? Is she scared of him or can't she say no to George? And why is Clive allowed to roam the village? Shouldn't his probation officer be keeping a closer eye on him?

She needs to say no to Clive. She needs to explain to George that Clive is a bad man and that she doesn't want him to have anything to do with him. (docklie)

Would someone like Clive really be allowed to visit the scenes if his previous crimes ie Ambridge without an official escort? ... I agree Emma should have continued to say No; then as soon as she met Will should have told her what had happened so he could sort out the problem before it gets worse. (Blossom)

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Where will Tom's bid for brand domination end? Should everyone in Ambridge be worried?

Tom, did you really think you could get your family to agree to slap your name on all their products? Isn't it just a bit, well, egocentric? I'd like to hear Hellin's views. Tom Archer's Ambridge Organixx? (typewright)

Why he doesn't apply to the parish council to have Ambridge renamed tomarcherville, and be done with it, I can't imagine. (Irene)

But not everyone thinks he's in the wrong...

Tony's behaviour towards his son, the only person who is currently lifting a finger to save the BF enterprise from the poo lagoon and his family from penury, was atrocious. Utterly contemptible. (Glebe Cow)

Read all about it on the Tom, did you really think...? thread.

In Ambridge Extra, is Matt "playing with fire" in his dealings with Clive?

Maybe Matt is setting Clive up and plans to do the village a favour by reporting him for receiving stolen goods thus breaking his parole and packing him back to jail. (Janluke)

And we're forgetting Bernie in all this too: if he thinks that Clive is getting him into serious doodoo, he and his mates could get very nasty. Maybe they have access to a cement mixer and quick-setting concrete and maybe a contract for a 'new patio'. I'd strongly advise Cloive to watch his step these dark nights!! Matt AND Bernie maybe looking for him? Phew. (DracsM1)

There was a cheer for Neil after his not-so-friendly chat with Clive on Thursday

Is it wrong that I was kind of turned on by Aggressive! Neil on #AmbridgeExtra this morning. Actually, you don't have to answer that. (@iolantherosa on Twitter)

I think that the Neil/Clive scene in Amex was the best I've heard in ages on either AMEX or TA. There is a real menace to Clive's character, and Neil's standing up to him in that way was excellent. (The Flying Toff)

Give Neil a pat on the back on the Good for Neil thread on the message board.

Is Erin up to no good?

I don't like Erin at all. She'll break Dan's heart eventually, I'm fairly certain. (siriol)

I have a feeling she is only interested in Dan for his geography skills and the access he provides to a stable and vet's. Perhaps it is Alistair she is going to fall for, not Dan? (Pat_Clifton)

Does anyone else find Erin a bit creepy?

Ivy's cough gets special mention with some listeners hoping she'll get rid of the cough one way or another soon!

#ambridgeextra script for next week. Page 1. IVY coughs for 15 minutes. END #thearchers (@jezturner on Twitter)

I really wish Ivy would stop coughing >#AmbridgeExtra #thearchers (@LouiseBrown on Twitter)

FANTASTIC segue from wheezing Ivy to squealing pigs !!! (Organoleptic Icon)

I'm loving the cough, it's brilliant! Excellent acting. I'm practically reaching for the phone to dial 999, while Clive rattles on not taking the slightest bit of notice, care or consideration. I've got money on those rings of Ivy's going missing before the cough does. (Grant)

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Do you shush the children during The Archers? Refuse to answer the phone? Shout at the radio? Listeners on the message board reveal all...

When we were kids my Mum used to disappear into the loo with the transistor radio when TA was on. My sister and I knew we had to go beforehand or cross our legs until it was finished. (superjan3)

When my son's first girlfiend was round she was talking to me during TA and I not only listened but replied - both my children were absolutely staggered - it had never entered their heads that it was possible to communicate with me between 7.02 and 7.15. (maisiepusscat)

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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