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"In your face, Pat Archer" - listener discussions to 7 December 2011

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From Annabelle's appearance in scarlet at Thursday's market launch, to Alistair's kiss with Erin in Ambridge Extra on Tuesday and Pat's secret call to Sharon on Wednesday... the Ambridge listener grapevine has been buzzing...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 1-7 December 2011.

Annabelle's appearance at the market launch had some wondering whether Jennifer should be worried about this "Scarlet" woman?

Genius exchange between Jennifer and Annabel on Thursday 'not everyone can wear scarlet' 'I think it's nearer cherry red' (@ruggerlad on Twitter)

Annabel is very much the coolheaded businesswoman (even with a large cat on her head) ... she is purely for lusting after at a distance for all Men of Ambridge. (Campbell in Furry Running Clogs)

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The debate about Pat rages on. Is she descending into madness? Should we sympathise? Most feel her chickens are coming home to roost and that her attitude to Sharon is indicative of the fact that "outsiders" are never really welcome within the Bridge Farm clan. As evidence, they cite Brenda, Hayley and Sharon...

Pat's slow burn nervous breakdown is driving me nuts! Next it'll be an organic potato that looks like John. #thearchers (@HerbiePotts on Twitter)

Pat doesn't give a stuff about Rich, she doesn't even give a stuff about her own husband... Did she ask him how he would feel if Rich turned out to be his grandchild? No. (docklie)

I feel desperately sorry for Pat and I can't honestly say that I wouldn't behave in the same way. I'd have to know. I'm not saying it's the right way to behave. It isn't. (chris murray)

Pat just loved her son and wanted him to be happy. Who knew at that time that Sharon might have been the one to make them all happy? Any mother would have reacted like Pat. (Edward Veat on Facebook)

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Why doesn't Helen want to know Rich? Many thought her heart-to-heart with Ian on Friday wasn't totally truthful but by Tuesday they were incensed when she told Pat that she mustn't contact Sharon...

That speech was the Ultimate in ME ME ME. And as sickening as Ian's pandering to her every time he talks to her. (toffee)

I think that Helen is terrified... because this will be a change (always scary) and a change over which she has no control... (Chris-mas Ghoti)

What in the name of god gives Helen the right to tell her parents what to do? ... I was spluttering with derision as I listened to Tony's complete cave-in to the self-obsessed harpy Helen last night. What a poor apology for a parent he is, indulging a child's complete personal absorption... (TownieJane)

Pat has got to ignore Helen, for her sanity and our entertainment #ringsharon #thearchers (@pboropixie on Twitter)

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"GO SHARON!" was the overwhelming reaction to Pat's secret call to Sharon on Wednesday...

After the last week or so of Pat wittering on about John2 it was a lovely refreshing moment when Sharon stuck it to her, I felt myself compelled to shout GO SHARON at the radio, very uncouth but unbelievably satisfying. (Boris Van Gramsci on Facebook)

#thearchers was excellent last night. The culmination of a "chickens home to roost" storyline, FIFTEEN years in the making. (@westonfront on Twitter)

I was gripped in that last bit. Just stood dumbfounded in the kitchen. I think that was a great set-piece there. Phew! (ScrumpyJock)

Well I know this is a drama and not RL, but Sharon's little speech sounded pretty well-rehearsed to me - as though she'd been planning and saving it up for years. I think she enjoyed it a little too much to be entirely dignified. (stolenkisses under the mistletoe)

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In other news... is Jim's character softening?

My soft spot for Jim Lloyd is getting larger, like a water stain spreading across a ceiling #thearchers #getagrip (@JenSced on Twitter)

I really liked him when he first came to Ambridge, an atheist, getting under Shula's skin all the time: a real disruptive influence. Now he goes to all the church social events and this relationship with the appalling Christine just makes me want to vomit! (mike)

If Ruth's mum turns up for Xmas, there will be Old Lady Wars #archers (@sladey66 on Twitter)

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Poor beleaguered Neil. Listeners have offered plenty of advice on how to deal with the Horrobin invasion at the once-pristine Ambridge View...

Neil's Christmas from Horrobin Hell. Poor bloke! After all his stoic support for Susan over the years, and his heroic facing down of Clive, this is frankly very scant reward for being one of the [the only??] good guys in TA. (DracsM1)

Susan is rapidly alienating the best (& probably only) ally she has! (aquaticDougal)

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In Ambridge Extra, listeners are worried that Alistair is making a terrible mistake with "bunny boiler" Erin.

#ALISTAIRLLOYD!!!!!!!!! YOU IS IN BIG POOP!....... #AMBRIDGEEXTRA (@keefgranturismo on Twitter)

Completely scandalised by yesterday's #ambridgeextra. What the HELL is going on?! #ugh #thearchers (@mymates263 on Twitter

Wow! He's beyond selfish! Not only showing no respect for his wife, but none for his son, either, all because it's flattering to his ego, and it feels good! I now consider him a Total Jerk. (charmingAnnielynn)

I'm not sure being a bunny boiler will look good on her personal statement for vet school. (erminestrudel)

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