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"You can certainly see where Helen gets her ME ME ME attitude can't you" - listener discussions to 30 November 2011

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Pat Archer and her obsession with Rich has dominated discussions this week. The impact on Helen, Tom and the Bridge Farm inheritance has been debated and listeners have shared memories of "arrogant" John Archer. In other discussions, Tracy Horrobin is loved and detested, and many are wondering where Nic's mum is? Doesn't she deserve a new outfit for her daughter's wedding?
In Ambridge Extra, Alistair has listeners shouting STOP! at the radio and there's relief as Matt sees off evil Clive.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 24-30 November 2011.

Susan's in danger of losing her crown as the character listeners most love to hate! After "vile" Tracy Horrobin arrived there's been some sympathy for Susan and her beige carpet.
Tracey has worked a miracle: I'm starting to feel sorry for Susan. #thearchers (@pboropixie on Twitter)
Tracey is brilliant. Please hang around. Brad and Chelsea?! Amazing #thearchers (@elbowjuice on Twitter)
Poor Susan. Horrobins all over the beige carpet. #thearchers (@jonreed on Twitter)

Over at Bridge Farm, Pat's idea that she has another grandson has been looked at from every angle. Will Sharon allow Pat contact with Rich, if he turns out to be John's son? Would Pat have any rights as a grandparent? Or is this a story about Pat's fragile state of mind? And there's plenty of talk about Tom and Helen's inheritance - but will there be anything left of the business after all this upset?
#thearchers oo getting exciting #grandsongate (@Ezdabee on Twitter)
All she cares about is her and the possibility that he is MY grandson, he is hers in her mind and she has a right to him. (La Sharpissima)
You can certainly see where Helen gets her ME ME ME attitude can't you... John was a right tart I believe as was Sharon. Six of one and half a dozen of the other. And he was a grown man NOT a little boy. Funny how Pat's children are never to blame for anything isn't it? ( Furioso Scarletta)
But.... she doesn't know that he's 'her' grandchild, does she? She's about to rock his world and his family's world, with no evidence at all that he's has any genetic connection to her at all. (Hazel Woolley)
Cheer up folks it could put the Hellqueens nose out for a generation. (fieldplace)
I am beginning to hate Pat (& loving the whole thing of course!) (Sameara Ninnuendo aka nesta v)
Take your pick of the threads on the message board. From Pat, Sharon and John's (alleged) son to Pat doesn't give a stuff and One good thing threads on the message board.

Is Helen slipping back into that dark place?
Oh, *don't* make me feel sorry for Helen! That's not playing fair! #thearchers (@marzillk on Twitter)
Yes - typical of Hellin to make it all about her. As usual Tom ends up trying to shore up Hellin while she whines about how it affects HER!! Poor Tom, IMHO, treated like a whiny 2 year old by his Dad, second best son by his Mum, and emotional crutch by his sis! (Blue Moon)
What do you think? Add your comments on the Hmmmmm Helen is going to really lose it thread.

Listeners have been sharing their memories of John Archer
@bbcthearchers I really liked John Archer but it was a long time ago, when I had dodgy taste in men! (@copycreator on Twitter)
He was indeed arrogant, selfish, up himself, slept with Sharon again when he was hoping to re-woo Hayley, and ruined a bluddy good tractor. (Dusty Substances)
I think they've gradually turned Tom into John, so we know what John would have been like if he'd lived. We don't know what Tom would have been like if John had lived. (Dora Pandle)
Share your memories - or read what listeners thought of John Archer on the message board.

Will's call to Clarrie about buying her an outfit for the wedding had some listeners dewey-eyed. But where is Nic's mum? Is she being sidelined in favour of Clarrie?
I rather liked it. Aah, I thought. He's alright. (Nelson_G)
Hope she's not upset that she's not getting a look in as her only daughter prepares for her wedding... I'd be disappointed if my daughter shut me out and only spent time with the groom's mother. (joanhood)
Read more in the Will's call to Clarrie thread.

In Ambridge Extra, listeners are getting cross with Alistair - surely he should tell Shula what's going on - and soon!
bloody hell! what is Erin playing at!! Ambridge Extra rocks!@BBCRadio4extra @BBCTheArchers (@gelehrt on Twitter
Text STOP to this number unsubscribe from this service. Come on, Alistair, time to tell the silly girl to stop before she causes you any real trouble. (ermintrude)
It'll all blow up in his stupid face... I for one wouldn't mind if Shula's bubble of self-regarding pomposity were to be burst- long overdue. Seems a little unfair on poor Daniel though, (not that I like him), just as he thinks he's going to get his rocks off. (Missy_Ferguson)

Is this the end of Clive? Will he return and wreak his revenge on Matt?
Loved it! Lots of Matt, and I just knew he would see off Clive. I loved the final twist with Bernie. I am a very happy bunny now... and he managed to fend off Lilian whilst dealing with Clive. Definitely a multi-tasking man. (Bette)
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