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  1. Quote of the week: Brawling in The Bull

    Find out why Ed was pleased when Rex and Toby’s fraternal fight came to a head...

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  2. Five facts about Bartleby

    Get to know Joe's pony who has been an Ambridge-resident for 14 years.

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  3. The Archers' over-sized family photo

    How did a family portrait, which was a gift for Phil and Jill, end up being so huge?

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  4. Nightmares of Christmas Shows past

    As Lynda turns her attention to the Christmas Show, we look back at the recent theatrical disasters that have beset her.

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  5. Quote of the Week: Bowels

    A conversation between Rob and Ursula gave us an illuminating insight into the young Rob Titchener and... his toilet training problems. There's a thesis in here somewhere...

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