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'Time to put in an offering to the great god Gawdelpus, Brenda' - listener discussions to 30 January 2013

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Listeners think Vicky’s had a reality check after Nic’s nervousness around Bethany. But is there more to it?

There’s advice for Pip – it’s time to leave home; for Brenda – “run while you can!” and some salient counsel for Lilian from “the girlfriend you don’t seem to have”.

And over in Ambridge Extra, Alan is berated and Usha earns listeners’ sympathy.


Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 24-30 January 2013.


As Mike and Vicky show Bethany off in The Bull, Nic was clearly uncomfortable. Some listeners thought it was “about time” less positive views were aired – as they surely would be in the real world. And a few think there’s something else behind Nic’s concerns.

Glad someone finally said what many will feel about the new baby. (Erich Hediger on Facebook)

Didn't expect Nick to be the one to object to Down's #TheArchers (@Dark_Blue_Box on Twitter

I took it that she didn't want to hold the baby because she couldn't think of the right thing to say. She seemed to think that because the baby had Down's she couldn't just behave as she would with any other baby and say the usual things you say to a new mother because this baby 'wasn't right'. (JustJanie – Fairweather Plodder on the message board)

I think Nic's reluctance is actually quite common. Not everyone is so enlightened and right on. A lot of people fear disability and it's just ridiculous to pretend otherwise. The world is not always a cosy place. (Skinidin on the message board)

Do I just get a faint hint that Nic is pregnant? Or is that just the product of an overactive imagination? #thearchers (@cheekiechappy on Twitter 

Was Nic just saying what most people might feel? Have your say in the Elephant in Room thread on the message board 


Meanwhile, over at Brookfield, David and Ruth aren’t the only one’s exasperated with Pip. Some listeners think it’s time she flew the nest

It's time that Ruth and David cut the apron strings and sent Pip out into the world. Does she have a student loan? Could she afford a flat? If she could, she should. Pip might have much more respect for her parents if she had to cope without them. (JudithL on the message board)

It's high time she grew out of adolescent tantrums and learned to speak to grown-ups with respect. (seraphicDigitalis on the message board)

Pip, this is why most students go AWAY to university! #TheArchers (@laughinglibby on Twitter 

If my son suggests living at home for uni, I will play him this episode of#thearchers. Pip, grow up. Roof, let her go. (@rinawoldson on Twitter 

How should Ruth and David deal with Pip? Join the debate in the Parents Today thread on the message board 


Brenda’s career prospects have come under scrutiny with most thinking she’s coming to a dead end in both her work and her relationship with Tom. Most recoiled at Tom’s remarks about having children

Six? SIX mini Tom Archers? Time to put in an offering to the great god Gawdelpus Brenda, run while you can! #thearchers (@HeeransTweets on Twitter)  

God forbid Brenda should want a career, Tom "Sausage King" Archer. #thearchers (@PennyLiechti on Twitter 

A good career usually means you have opportunities to progress and improve your prospects, I don't see any of that for Brenda at Amside, she's no more than a dogs body, there to do all the work that Matt and Lillian can't be bothered to do. (Angela Stepney on the message board)

Tom cannot seriously expect to move his business forward while he is tied to Bridge Farm... by employing Brenda he will release the time and energy to service his responsibilities to Bridge Farm while guiding Brenda in the growth of his sausage empire. To say he cannot afford it is thinking small...  I have never heard them discussing the option but it is an obvious choice to me. (Bert The Bard on the message board)

Is Tom about to be single on #theArchers? or do we have a brat to listen to in 2 years time? ;-) (@ianpatterson99 on Twitter  

Have your say. Should Brenda Concentrate on her career


And there’s plenty of relationship advice for Lilian too as her on/off dalliance with Paul has listeners hoping there’s a resolution of some kind sooner rather than later

That's what happens when you mess people about…. Paul is a loose cannon now and he's going to fire off every which way… You need to think about damage limitation no, darling, as damage there will be. I hope you survive, and I hope Matt shows mercy. Yours, the girlfriend you don't seem to have. (Captain on the message board)

Paul!!! Oh my God, he sounds utterly distraught. Poor lamb. #thearchers (@archerslistener on Twitter 

ooooo I sort of liked Paul. But he's a bit uncool now with LIlian.#thearchers (@redbookish on Twitter)

Paul has shown her all Watford has to offer and alas for him, he now knows she will never forsake the bright lights of Ambridge for Metropolitan Line land.  He is therefore doomed to a life of finding building projects in chipping magna on the wold cum hardy so together they can spend two hours admiring his latest restoration (pollyanna on the message board)

Go Matt - I hope he eats Paul for breakfast, chews him up into little pieces and then spits them out. (Mieteka on the message board)

I am getting seriously fed up with the Lilian/Paul storyline. I'm losing the will to listen... (Sheila Fairley on Facebook)

Where will it all end? And when? Join the discussion in the Paul scared me tonight thread on the message board  


Over in Ambridge Extra, there’s sympathy for poor Usha – and some for Alan - but what they really want to know is what Alan’s friend Michael is up to

This is turning out to be quite gripping. I have never wanted to hit a radio character in my life, but poor Usha trying to get through Alan really got me going! Good acting all round. (FleetingEileenM on the message board)

Go for it Usha! #ambridgeextra (@TrudieMoocow on Twitter)

Poor Alan, I really feel for him. I get so emotionally attached and anxious for the characters. Can't wait for next episode. (Karen Hyland on Facebook)

Michael what are you up to? Whatever it is Usha's gonna get to the bottom of it. #AmbridgeExtra (@Shinke on Twitter 

Interesting how keen both Amy and Usha were at the mention of the job...wonder if Alan will be moving after all. (ermintrude on the message board)

Absolutely superb epi. So many highlights. Usha's examination of Michael made me think: "Yes - She IS a solicitor, isn't she?"… My only complaint is that it is now FIVE WHOLE DAYS before the next epi. I can't wait that long! (Pat_Clifton on the message board)

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