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"Pitchforks" and "barricades across the village green" - listener discussions to 8 Feb 2012

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It's all go at Bridge Farm - they've relaunched the brand, Pat's joined the fight against the mega dairy and they've had a letter from Kylie. If only they'd make Tony some lunch!

The pros and cons of Brian's big dairy have been debated at length, with most on the side of the nay-sayers. And when it comes to Alice and Chris - will it be happy ever after or will "pampered" Alice soon tire of scrimping and saving?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 2-8 February 2012

Pat Archer is a busy woman these days - but too busy to notice Tony fading away in the background? Listeners are unsettled about Tony and have debated how long this can go on for. Many have offered their help in Tony's hour (or should that be weeks?) of need...

Tony - would it help if I did the milking one day this week? (@Anthony_Larkin on Twitter)

I shall campaign for Rights for Anthony William Daniel Archer (RAWDA), and am setting up a fighting fund (for, initially, Borsetshire Farm Foods meals delivered daily, piping hot). (Dinah Shore)

@BBCTheArchers Will someone please give Tony a tin opener so he won't starve to death? (@Messaien on Twitter)

Join the fight for Tony on the message board: Save the Bridge Farm One!

After Thursday's launch party at Ambridge Organics there were questions about the size of the shop and some wondered why Pat kept mentioning the tainted Bridge Farm name. Would the press pick up on this in their reports? And shouldn't they have helped with the clearing up?

Dear Pat Archer, when re-launching a brand name, it's always best not to use the old brand name several times. You're welcome #thearchers (@Jo_dB on Twitter)

Actually, Pat may have over-done it, but it would probably have been an even bigger mistake to try to bury the BF/AO link - if it had come out later, which it would, it looks much worse. (Sambista)

...shall we help Kirsty with the clearing up? Oh no let's have a drink instead. Grrrrrrrrrrr (Country Squire)

Mustardmit I am enjoying the sheer horribleness of the whole horrible BF family at present. (ermintrude)

Add your thoughts to the Why?? thread on the message board.

On Wednesday, Kylie's letter brought Rich back into the conversation. Tom's reaction was lambasted, with listeners arguing that he's just worried about his inheritance.

Tom's worried his parents aren't focusing on "the important things", which presumably include "doing all his work for him." #thearchers (@stevenperkins on Twitter)

Hope "IT" goes away......what an absolutely WONDERFUL human being you are Tom Archer - this from a "man" who wants to be a father! (SredniVashtar07)

Tom is still hard-working and committed to the farm. And his parents are both incredibly childish. They would struggle (even worse) without him. (Glebe Cow)

Join the conversation: Yeh, hope it goes away Tom

Over at Home Farm, beleaguered Brian has a few supporters - and as the battle lines are drawn in Ambridge, listeners give their views on the mega dairy

'HIGH-HANDED?' asks Brian wonderingly. Hope the scales don't fall from his eyes. A humble Brian would be no Brian at all #thearchers (@vencut2 on Twitter)

G'wan Jenny- you really secretly love telling Brian he's a jerk! #thearchers (@novascotianboy on Twitter)

I foresee machine gun posts and barricades across the village green. #thearchers (@thisisrig on Twitter)

Brian can talk until he's blue in the face about welfare standards and the benefits of the poo digester, but the villagers don't trust him and believe that the cow-ditz will make most of them worse off not better. (Poorgrass)

A public meeting? *Brian sees pitchforks before his eyes* (@dougm1962 on Twitter)

Join the debate over the Mega dairy on the message board

Will Alice and Chris's penny pinching regime take the shine off their marriage?

The apple never falls far from the tree and when the newly loved up sheen that Chrissofer has tarnishes I'm not sure budget baked beans will still be 'fun'. (fondantfancee)

Alice's real problem is that she is extremely naive and has been sheltered by JD and Braaahn... she has married a good man in Chris. He is hard-working and ambitious. Of all the characters representing the future of TA they are the ones in whom I have some real interest. (Dr Toad Leg)

Will it be happy ever after for the 'Cartridges'? Have your say on the message board

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

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