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"These are the first tears I've shed for Vicky" - listener discussions to 22 August 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 13:17 PM, Friday, 24 August 2012

Vicky's dilemma has generated a huge amount of discussion with many divided. Is the storyline too dark? Should she go ahead with the amniocentesis test? Will her marriage hold up under the pressure?

Listeners have shared their heartfelt stories. Jamie Perks' exam results are in and there's plenty of debate about what he should do next. Kathy's "oppressive" parenting skills have been criticised. But Rosa seems to have been given cautions thumbs up from some.
Ed and Emma financial woes have elicited some sage budgeting advice from listeners.
And over in New Zealand in Ambridge Extra, some think that Mel's revelations about Kenton's past will be the last straw for Jolene.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 16-22 August 2012.

Will it all end in tears for Vicky? Whilst some listeners fear that this is one dark storyline too far for The Archers, others say that it's really struck a chord by airing issues around older parenthood. Many have shared their experiences of amniocentesis tests and of having children with Down's Syndrome. A few listeners wonder whether her marriage will survive this challenging time.

Is Vicky the most naive person on the planet or just the most uneducated? She has a good heart but everything seems to come as a surprise to her ... she should be a little bit more clued up about life in general shouldn't she? (docklie on the message board)
I hope Vicky ignores all pressure and has her much wanted loved baby no matter what (Threewellsofmyown on the message board)
I've been in Vicky's situation and feel that it was a very brave choice of storyline. I was fortunate enough to have a different test to the amnio being discussed and the results came back in 2 days (wonderful service from the NHS) ... I feel the way the subject has been treated thus far is very realistic and relevant to many women - regardless of age. (Emma Peck on Facebook)
Brings back memories. Hubby and I had to make the same decision 28 years ago. ! :-( (@Rdgfootyfan on Twitter)
I have a daughter with Down's Syndrome - she is brilliant- a young adult who has a very full and exciting life. She certainly does not "suffer" with Down's Syndrome and she is not a "burden". She was listening to tonight's episode with me in the car. I was hoping nothing negative would be said. (jot1812 on the message board)
I really think Vicky would be a fab mother whatever happens. Downs or no downs. #thearchers (@jaynemortimer on Twitter)
These are the first tears I've shed for Vicky, whom I've always disliked, but now I really feel for her, and for all women whose hopes of motherhood have been dashed in any way. (seraphicDigitalis on the message board)
Add your thoughts to the Come on Vickoi and Poor poor Vicky threads on the message board.

Young Jamie Perks' AS results are in and he has decided to ditch college. Perhaps he'd be better off taking over Harry's milk round or training for a career in forestry. Most think that Kathy, the "patron saint of clingy mothers", should back off.
Good lad Jamie. Don't bother with uni. Think of the money! #thearchers (@GorlestonJames on Twitter)
He's obviously gonna take Harry's job and move in with Jazzer. Kathy may never recover from either horror! (toffee on the message board)
Kathy is the patron saint of embarrassing mothers. Cringe #thearchers (@archelina on Twitter)
Isn't there a 3x5ft Photo of Jamie in living room from when he was 6 (minus front teeth) #TheArchers (@Airscaper on Twitter)
I think Jamie would be much better off training in something like forestry or pub management. He doesn't sound all that interested in academic study, so why put himself through this torment and financial hardship to end up with qualifications that will get him no further on than he is now? (Dragonfly on the message board)
Advice has been offered when it comes to Jamie's love life; perhaps he'd be better off with Rosa than 'full-of-herself' Natalie.
And wasn't there an awful lot of 'MY' boyfriend, 'MY' party, 'MY' house? Natalie may have been a bit wasted but success didn't bring out the nice side or her, did it? (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger on the message board)
I like Rosa. She's like a Lillian in training. #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)
Give Jamie the benefit of your advice on the message board.

Ed and Emma's financial crisis has hit a chord and there was plenty of sympathy for their plight
Never thought I say this but I'm feeling sorry for Emma. The scenes between her and Susan are really quite touching. #thearchers (@babyniss on Twitter)
Dare one suggest charity shops for Kiera's new clothes? They do wash and are perfectly good - it's not as if the baby's going to know. (StargazerwithOscar on the message board)
Emma wouldn't be seen dead in a charity shop. She would worry about who saw her going in for one thing. (cherrytree on the message board)
Friends say it is so much harder to be poor in the country than in the town - fuel costs, lack of competition between local shops, high heating costs if one doesn't have a log burner etc etc .... (anna kist on the message board)
Share your thoughts in the Emma and Ed - financial crisis thread on the message board

Over in New Zealand in Ambridge Extra, Mel's revelations about Kenton has had some wondering whether Jolene would be better off without him.
Kenton on the slippery slope again. Kick his backside Jolene. Merri needs a kicked backside as well! #ambridgeextra not fun at the moment. (@cheekiechappy on Twitter)
Does Jolene (Or Aiden for that matter) know that Kenton & Mel married for convenience in the first instance? Might Jolene think that Kenton embarked on a relationship with her partly for convenience? After all, he was living at Lower Loxley at the time. (Dee on the message board)
Jolene certainly does now, with Mel having been quite open about it during her "gosh I really can't help it I can't stop talking oh there I go again" bit yesterday. (Mustafa Grumble on the message board)
Poor Jolene, now she's being tapped for funds to spend a week being seasick and frightened to death by a master mariner who has spent the last 20years as near to the centre of England as you can get (Tellmeboutit on the message board)
Kenton is mad to spend that much on trying to woo Meriel, especially as I have my doubts about his still being in a fit condition to sail a boat for a week, and cater for the trip. Won't they al be tearing each other to pieces in such close proximity after so long not seeing each other? (Lakey_Hill on the message board)
Join the conversation in the Ambridge Extra topic on the message board

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