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'Fig roll?' - listener discussions to 15 August 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:52 AM, Monday, 20 August 2012

Lynda once again stole listeners' hearts with her compassion for pregnant Vicky in not one but two episodes - though her immaculately timed offer of biscuits proved she'd only empathise so far. As for the mum-to-be, many listeners are concerned about where the storyline is heading and are hoping that it'll be sensitively handled wherever it ends up.

Meanwhile, Harry's departure via Ambridge Extra and its announcement in The Archers itself left some thinking he'd behaved out of character. The same couldn't be said of Brian who's been as "arrogant" and "untrustworthy" as ever - and listeners didn't seem to want him any other way.

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 9 and 15 August 2012.

After her scene-stealing stint organising the Community Games, Lynda Snell was winning even more praise for her selfless acts of kindness towards Vicky.

She was lovely, wasn't she? Said exactly the right things. (Ermintrude on the message board)

For all her faults, I like Linda and would rather have her and Robert as my neighbours than any of the Archer family. I hate it when the SLs make a fool of her. (Ourthora on the message board)

What a great friend you're being to Vicky even when you regret not having children yourself. You're fab! (@cleggyman on Twitter)

Lynda can be very sweet sometimes. I wish we were allowed to hear that side of her more often. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

Great how people have noticed Lynda's pain when so many don't in real life. #thearchers (@bramblejam on Twitter)

Ive just listen to last nights programe and wat great scences between Lynda and Vicky ive allways like Lynda shes a pain but a real friend and may long may she continue (Bryn Hackley on Facebook)

I think it is her very special blend of thoughfulness and then dreadful, irritating bossiness on other occasions, which make her the great character that she is. (Siriol on the message board)

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Despite the compliments, it was noted that Lynda quickly found a way of changing the subject when Vicky's mentions of medical matters got too much.

The fig roll. Always an appropriate biscuit for responding to someone else's gynaecological news. #thearchers (@knittingpenguin on Twitter)

Smear tests and periods? Lynda does the fig roll diversion tactic. #thearchers (@MrsDench on Twitter)

Lynda displays correct R4 response to discussing p*riods: shoving a fig roll in Vicky's mouth to stop her talking. #thearchers #womanshour (@jonreed on Twitter)

Period------ fig roll anyone? Very funny!!!! dear old lynda I know how she felt don't like all this personal stuff! (marg on the message board)

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As the story of Vicky's pregnancy develops, speculation is mounting about what the outcome will be, prompting some listeners to voice their concerns about how it's handled.

So The Archers scriptwriters have included an unborn baby who may have Down's Syndrome. Interested (anxious?) to see where they go with this (@stricolo on Twitter)

I know its drama and not real, but i'd like to see this storyline treated properly. its much more common for women to be having children at the 40+ mark than ever before and this could be an opportunity to look at some of the questions that it raises (Rosered_gardener on the message board)

oh I hope she goes to term, it would be so distressing to listen to if vicky loses baby now (dizzyknits on the message board)

I do hope Vicky's pregnancy won't be used to put her in "jeopardy" so we love her more. (Fa-Fa Aweigh on the message board)

Oh no, is Vickoi gonna lose the baby? #SATTC #TheArchers (@hugzee on Twitter)

Here here!!!!! Let's have a positive outcome for an 'elderly primigravida'..... (Margaret Eccles on the message board)

I quickly started to think they're teasing us. Vicky is over-reacting to a statistical risk. (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)

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With the return of Fallon and Jazzer came the news that Harry had rekindled a romance with an old flame, surprising some, though definitely not all listeners - and leaving others wondering if it was all a bit out of character.

Harry? Really? Good lord they are all coming out of the woodwork now. Who next Bert Fry? Bartelby? #thearchers (@SmithPeterScott on Twitter)

Harry's gone off with his old boyfriend, who knew! Poor Fallen, unlucky in love again. #TheArchers (@missy_t_k on Twitter)

He's meticulous, orderly, conscientious and above all POLITE. He wouldn't just dump Mike like that. He wouldn't even have just dumped Jazzer like that, since Jazzer now need to assess his accommodation status in a hurry. (Cuddly Giant Squid on the message board)

I'll set my criticism of this storyline out straight away - I don't thnk Harry would run off without working his notice. It doesn't seem in character. But I am pleasantly surprised with the way Harry's sexuality has been handled (in TA and AmEx). (Curiously Frittering on the message board)

Given that Harry had become such a marginal character, I think they could have got rid of him much more simply, perhaps with a decent job offer elsewhere. (Rachel Dunlop on the message board)

As far as I am concerned I heard for the first time last night that Harry was gay. I think they dreamt this up as a way to get shot of him - they want Mike milkmanless for some reason. (Bebopalula on the message board)

I'm with Kathy - I feel robbed in not being able to overhear when Susan found about about Harry. #thearchers (@StevenPerkins on Twitter)

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Back in Ambridge, Brian's acting true to type and is all the more popular for it, though not everyone's on his side in his ongoing clash with Adam.

Brian gets better and better today! 'He wants me to get down and lick his boots!' whinges Adam. Serve the arrogant spoiled brat right! (Mountetna2 on the message board)

I love Brine and it serves Adam right. About time he realised that he is not indispensable. He threatens to leave and then has a hissy fit when his employer tries to fill the vacancy. (Diamontelil on the message board)

I really wanted Adam to tell Brian to stick his job tonight. And then hopefully Brian would struggle as he said he would to find someone better. (Sue on the message board)

I love you Brian. LOVE YOU. #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

Hit him Adam! Arrogant Brian #thearchers (@loracenna on Twitter)

Well Adam, that's what I call instant karma. #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

Adam won't be shortlisted - lacks the essential & desirable characteristics outlined in the person specification #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)

Think Brian is out-of-order. Know many disagree & Adam a bit of a ... but Brian being his usual untrustworthy self. (@DN100000 on Twitter)

Oh Brian, holding all the cards. But not much of a poker face. Glee dripping off him like chlorinated water. #TheArchers (@RadioAmbridge on Twitter)

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Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.


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