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Ruth's "putting the boot in" - listener discussions to 4 July 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 14:33 PM, Tuesday, 10 July 2012

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Listeners put themselves in David's shoes as terror grips Brookfield Farm, and Elizabeth is berated for "twisting the knife". Many suspect that Keith Horrobin is behind the threats...

As Roy and Hayley plan for Phoebe's homecoming, Vicky puts her "size tens in it again". Listeners debate whether she's malicious or harmless.

And Ambridge Extra is back, but what's happened to feisty Kate?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 28 June - 4 July 2012.

As terror grips Brookfield Farm, listeners offer ample advice to David and Ruth - don't give in to the terrorists! Mobilise support in the village! But some wonder, if they were in David's shoes, how they would really react...

OMG THE ARCHERS IS TERRIFYING TONIGHT (@chickenprincess on Twitter)

My father was a Crown Prosecutor so every fibre tells me that he has no option but to testify but a friend tells me that I only think that because I haven't had children. I hope that isn't the case. I really don't think I could or would want to let that sort of person go unpunished. (Ginslinger Redux)

I would like to think that IRL I would stand up and be counted. People are however often pretty cowardly. Just look at how people slide off without giving their names as witnesses when approached after an incident. And yet, they would be the first to be indignant if they were let down by these sort of attitudes (mazaroo)

I was disappointed that even Ian was suggesting that David should back down. Why has nobody said "let's get the whole village on high alert and make sure we all report any suspicious characters to the police"? (Sixties_Relic)

The ironic thing is that while the 'baddies' are doing nasty physical things to get David to retract, Ruth is doing nasty emotional things to the same end. The baddies beat Adam up. Ruth is also beating him up but the violence consists of moral blows... putting the boot him when he's already down. (Polly Glot)

If those pesky criminals don't bump off David and Ruth soon I might have to do it myself (@nightwriteruk on Twitter)

Should David give evidence? Have your say on the message board.

There were harsh words for Elizabeth after her pointed remarks about David on Monday - and not just from Jill...

Twist the knife Elizabeth, why don't you? You washed your hands of David, now you have no right to pass judgement. (@MsAlliance on Twitter)

Have always thought that Elizabeth has been spoilt all her life firstly by her parents and then by Nigel. She is a nasty piece of work if you ask me and anyone who stands up to her is great in my book! Well done the Jill! (fabsupergran)

Ah ha ha ha ha ha HA! Don't mess with someone's mum, Elizabeth. Even when she's you mum as well (@thearchersfan on Twitter)

I particularly enjoy Jill's transition through Phil's death into the family matriarch who addresses family issues without fear. More of it I hope (RobinAFromSway)

Add your reaction on the Gracious me! thread on the message board.

Keith Horrobin's cosy chat with Joe in The Bull on Tuesday had some wondering whether Keith was behind the threats to David and Ruth - after all he has his daughter's wedding to pay for. But is this another red herring? Would the scriptwriters really put Susan through all that again? And what would Jennifer say?

Is Keith the baddie?? (@ruralraconteur on Twitter)

Am I too cynical? I think Emma will be safe, as surely Uncle Keith is part of "the gang". (@austenonly on Twitter)

Could be. He reacted to hearing that Emma was staying at her parents'. (typewright)

A little bit of blackmail, wedding paid for, simples. (Purple_Hay)

But maybe Keith knows who is responsible .. or it's a red herring (JustPresidentBunny_Socialist)

This could all have very embarrassing consequences for Jenny. When introducing Susan to her posh mates she will be able to say, "This is Susan, the mother of my daughter's husband. Of course our families have shared a lot over the years. One of our other children was once held hostage by one of Susan's brothers and the other brother was part of a gang that nearly killed my son". (Purbeck)

Air your suspicions in the message board thread: It's Uncle Keith!

As plans for Phoebe's homecoming shape up, Vicky suggests they have a big family holiday. Brenda wasn't the only one who thought it was wrong for her to say that Mike would pay for it all - this prompted a debate about who was worse: Brenda or Vicky?

Vicki's put her size tens in it again.... #thearchers (@potterwigham on Twitter)

Vicky had no business being so cavalier with Mike's money when he wasn't even there. (Auntie Molly)

Brenda acts with malice aforethought whereas Vicky is mostly harmless so Brenda is definitely the least pleasant of the two. (Polly Tunnel)

Personally, I perceive far more malice in Vicky. Thinly disguised by a layer of syrup. (Dora Pandle)

However gallumphing Vicki may be, she and Mike do actually seem to be happy together, which is the main thing. Brenda would have preferred her father to have remained lonely and miserable - like her. (Kentish_Woman)

Take sides in the Vicky v Brenda debate on the message board.

Ambridge Extra is back on Radio 4 Extra and Kate's relationship with Lucas has been under the microscope...

oooohhh that was a good first episode #ambridgeextra (@ruggerlad on Twitter)

Oh feisty Kate, why oh why are you running around picking Lucas's dirty pants off the floor? (@louisebolotin on Twitter)

Kate sounded cowed and nervous. Not like her bumptious self! But it's NOT a good change, whatever one thinks about Kate. This is not a marriage where Lukas treats his wife as an equal. (Redbookish)

Personally I thought Kate was being her usual selfish self - her career before his, and no doubt when he puts his foot down she'll be off running back to Mummy dahling.... (Poorgrass)

Kate was also thinking about the lives of their two children, which Lucas didn't seem to be. It was entirely about him, as far as I could see, and he was king in that household. (Lakey_Hill)

Join the conversation - and catch up with all the goings on in Ambridge Extra - on the message board

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