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Lilian - you're so wicked!" - listener discussions to 25 July 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 13:07 PM, Friday, 27 July 2012

"Wicked" Lilian's plot to buy Ruairi his stone dog elicited a smile - but listeners are pretty sure Jennifer won't appreciate this "early Grundy" masterpiece. There were reports of an unsettling new feeling among many, namely sympathy for Emma Grundy. Almost everyone thinks she should stick to her guns about naming Keith as the Brookfield firestarter. Over at The Bull, Fallon's planning a holiday with Harry. Listeners suspect romance is in the air but has she picked the right man? One thing they are sure about - Brian won't get far backing Adam into a corner. Adam should tell Debbie and Brian "where to stick it" And in Ambridge Extra, they've enjoyed Phoebe giving some home truths to the deliciously awful Kate - but has Phoebe put her own life in danger?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 19-25 July 2012

Listeners are delighted that Lilian's helping Ruairi to purchase one of Eddie's statues - and not just because it will make the lad happy...
Lillian - you're so wicked! #perfectaunt #thearchers (@maudie43 on Twitter)
I'm just loving Ruarhi - him and Lillian are a great double act! Bring it on.#TheArchers (@LookingIntoArt on Twitter)
I love that Lilian is winding JD up... (Charley Farley on the message board)
What a marvellous surrogate auntie Lilian is. Could she get together with Jim and put a little more anarchy into the lives of the children of Ambridge? When Lilian is stuck in The Laurels eventually, Ruairi will be passing her 20 Player's Weights untipped and a bottle of gin through the window. (snarklehound on the message board)
[Brian and Jenny] are being very short sighted: an early Grundy? Be worth a fortune by the time Ruari's 25. Perhaps Fagash has spotted that. (march51 on the message board)
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Poor Emma - listeners think she should stick to her guns. They think her mum should be more supportive, and as for her "pitbull" aunt Tracy, has she got another motive for haranguing Emma?
Tracy has either crossed or is perilously close to crossing the line into witness intimidation/tampering hasn't she? (Alice Shan on the message board)
Now, why is Tracy so vehemently sure it wasn't Uncle Keith? Maybe because she knows who it really was??? (Tina Hackett on Facebook)
Emmurr, you stick to your story and I will like you for The First Time In My Life. Otherwise you're on your own, lady. #TheArchers (@Wimblebear on Twitter)
I quite like her at the moment. This is a new feeling and I don't know quite what to make of it. Obviously I want it to clear off as soon as possible. (beligerent_londoner101 on the message board)
Susan was a disgrace. Has she learned nothing from getting banged up for protecting her waste-of-space brother? Stand by your guns, girl. You've got (all of?) MustardLand [the message board] rooting for you (well, me at least) (NewEssexWoman on the message board)
I hope that at least Ed stands by her and gives her some support over this. And Tracey needs a sharp shove in the back as she's walking past the slurry pool. (charmingAnnielynn on the message board)
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As Fallon plans her road trip with Harry, listeners wonder if he's the right man for her? Or should she get together with Jazzer? Or perhaps Ed's her man? In any case, they're pleased to see her back in Ambridge.
Harry and Fallon sitting up a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G. GET ON WITH IT !!! #thearchers (@kobeltboy on Twitter)
By the end of the trip they will be an item. Fallon has the charms of her ma. (binocular on the message board)
Fallon has always had carap taste in men - Terrible Tom, Excruciating Ed, Revolting Rhys, Flitting Finn, now HorrendouslyBoring Harry. She needs Jolly Jazzer! (Dinah Shore on the message board)
I really wish Fallon would see the light- life with Jazzer far more fun than with Harry. And he can sing. #thearchers (@HelenJaneGrady on Twitter)
Fallon. Lovely Fallon. Still hoping she'll get back together with lovely Ed. Dream couple. #thearchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)
Give Fallon the benefit of your advice in the Fallon fancies Harry thread on the message board

Brian's given Adam an ultimatum over supplying the mega dairy. Will he cave in? Or should Adam set up a rival business and tell Brian and Debbie "where to stick it"?
#thearchers Oh goody Brian has upset sulky Adam. Things are looking up! (@johnjohn21 on Twitter)
Ooh...Debbie this and Debbie that..think Adam might have a point you know Brian...#thearchers... (@babyniss on Twitter)
Tell Debbie exactly where to stick it and leave them to it. Brian is an idiot, risking everything on this ill starred venture. Can't understand why Jennifer hasn't been stronger on this. (teddyandgypsy on the message board)
Debbie has spent a couple of minutes away from her very demanding role in Hungary to do a spreadsheet, which indicates Adam has to go! (Earldunda on the message board)
As regards capital, then as of now does he have any at all? ... I would understand why he might withdraw, but basically he would have to do it wearing only the clothes that he stands up in, and his farming CV. (BlackSheepBoy on the message board)
#thearchers Gosh - Ian is starting to sound like he's losing patience. Does he have shares? (@SteveBrooks13 on Twitter)
Way to go, Adam! Now let Brian stew all week, with luck the BL board will ambush him on Friday, and there will be no mega dairy! (Poorgrass on the message board)
Have your say on the message board thread: Stand your ground Adam!

In Ambridge Extra, listeners are delighted to hear that Phoebe's finally seeing the true Kate, but her rash decision to flag down a taxi has them on the edge of their seats - will she make it to Mandisa's house?
@BBCTheArchers Phoebe got ATTITUDE! Love it! #AmbridgeExtra (@crocstar on Twitter)
I'm so pleased Phoebe is getting to see Kate's true colours and relieved to see she doesn't share them. Hayley must take some credit for that I think. (Dailyfix on the message board)
I loved the bit when she said 'Hayley was right, you are selfish' Yes, Yes, Yes !!! (fabsupergran on the message board)
Please let that actually be a taxi, or maybe help!? #AmbridgeExtra #TheArchers (@PaulHuntley1 on Twitter)
Oh Phoebe, you silly girl. #AmbridgeExtra (@Neiley83 on Twitter)
Young white girl in Jo'berg on the streets alone? OMG #ambridgeextra She's a shallow grave candidate I reckon.. (Rather good!) (@alsdouble on Twitter)
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