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"He's a lovely man underneath all that whining" - listener discussions to 15 February 2012

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 17:19 PM, Friday, 17 February 2012

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Alistair's arguments about whether Shula could afford Topper fell on stony ground with listeners as they remembered his past misdeeds.

There were tears after Tony's chat with Helen on Friday, and raised eyebrows over Kylie's letter about Rich.

Many are wondering how long "Moody" Adam can feasibly stay at Home Farm whilst giving Brian the cold shoulder.

And as Ambridge celebrated St Valentine's Day, some listeners said "BLEURGHHH!"

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 9-15 February 2012

Listeners have thrown Alistair's gambling past back in his face after his argument with Shula over buying Topper. Some think his brush with Erin in Ambridge Extra may also be a factor in the row.

So Alistair, just why are you short of money..........? #thearchers (@Tightbeat on Twitter)

As Shula quite rightly pointed out, the stables is her business, not his. And after his gambling debts and rather pathetic brush with Erin, she has every right to be cool with The Vet of Ambridge IMO. (Malahide)

I don't say this very often but bloody well done Shula #thearchers (@janewright on Twitter)

As long as Dan gets Topper as his own I don't care. At least Dan can ride and out alone on morning hacks. Topper for Dan and all is well in the world. Ali should just pipe down imo! Dan deserves that horse. (sunnysakasredux)

I'd have much more respect for Shula if she wasn't trying to justify the purchase of Topper with obviously weak "it's for the business" excuses. (charmingAnnielynn)

How would you feel if your other half went behind your back? Let us know on the message board.

On Friday, there were tears after Helen's chat with Tony about Kylie's letter... until Tom came on the scene.

Have just been moved to tears (prob the third or fourth time by The Archers in 45 years of listening) by Helen and Tony talking about Rich and John. Bless you all. (Philip Deacon on Facebook)

#thearchers. I seem to have something in my eye. (@davidhepworth on Twitter)

I will never forget Tony talking to John as he lay dying. He's a lovely man underneath all that whining #thearchers #tonymustlive (@andydmakethetea on Twitter)

Tom Archer practicing singing #thearchers me me me me me me me (@potterwigwam on Twitter)

Bitterness seeping from every pore of Tom Archer's body! (@jcrowther9 on Twitter)

And with a visit from Kylie on the cards, is she building bridges for her brother Rich or making trouble?

Kylie is an idiot to be pursuing this. The only person who matters in any of this is Rich and she has no right to be getting involved with things that are nothing to do with her at this vulnerable time of his life. (pollyanna)

It's possible she may be troublemaking - who knows, she may have argued with her mum about it and is looking to make difficulties - but another interpretation is that she feels Rich has a right to know his grandparents, and is doing her bit to keep communication channels open while he's under age. (ermintrude)

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Over at Home Farm, Some think "Moody" Adam should burn his bridges and leave

If the dairy does go through, will Moody want to stay? Even it doesn't he can't trust either of them again. I don't blame him. I'm with Adam on this one. Doesn't bode well for a future working relationship. (binocular)

I can't understand why he stays with Home Farm. Brian is always denigrating him, and this dairy project is the latest, and worst, example. (wessexwanderer37)

If he can't stand Brian asking about what is being planned for the farm Brian owns without launching into a fifteen-year-old's display of tantrum and ill-temper, Adam is clearly in the wrong place and should leave anyhow. (Chris Ghoti)

Add your speculation to the What is Adam's future at Home Farm? thread

There was romance in the air in Ambridge on Tuesday, but not every listener was in the mood for love...

BLEURGHHH! #thearchers (@BeckyIBe on Twitter)

I do hope that Will finds happiness at last, he was given a rough ride by Emmur and Ed and I think that perhaps Nic was by Andrew (bayhorseanddog)

(I'm going to whisper this) I'm starting to quite like Will. He's gradually getting more human. Though I hate surprises - of the kind that would involve someone packing for you at any rate - I'll give Will the credit for knowing by now that Nic does. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

Well, I like Chris and Alice... I think it's great to have one genuinely happy and loving young couple in TA. Tom and Bren spent Valentine's evening microwaving pork meal leftovers. Ollie and Caroline are still on the sherry and chat. Mike can't sit next to Vickie 'cos the sofa's full of teddies. What are the rest up to? (gossip knightley)

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