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"I'd like Tarm to be slowly barbequed and then fed to his pigs" - listener discussions to 28 December 2011

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:11 AM, Tuesday, 3 January 2012

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It's Christmas! We've had applause for Jazzer's singing at Lynda's Christmas Around the World cabaret, and boos for Tom and Helen and their selfish attitudes. There's a pint of Shires for Tony for saying what everyone was thinking, and a large vodka for Tracy for giving young Ruairi a selection box on Christmas day.

Listeners wonder if Tom and Brenda will ever marry, and they would rather have been invited to Auntie Chris's birthday lunch than Will and Nic's hen and stag dos.

And as the penultimate episode of Ambridge Extra played out, will Dan ever forgive Alistair? And will Clive make it through to the end of the series?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 22-28 December 2011

Jazzer's turn at Lynda's World of Christmas warmed listeners' hearts

Aww #Jazzer brought a tear to my eye. Lovely end to Christmas @BBCTheArchers (@LiveAtLiberty on Twitter)

Best moment of the year in TA, by far. Thank you. (Dr Toad Leg)

More please Jazzer - make an album (joanhood)

Have your say on the Thanks Jazzer thread on the message board.

As Christmas day in Ambridge approached, there was a "god bless Tracy" for giving Ruairi a selection box to play with

To my surprise I'm actually enjoying Tracey being in The #Archers. Anything that upsets Susan Carter is fine by me (@RichardCrowest on Twitter)

And over at Bridge Farm, listeners predicted that Rich's shadow would loom large over the celebrations...

And there was peace throughout the Archer land - until tonight! Hohoho! #merrychristmasoneandall #thearchers (@Noelgoodboo on Twitter)

Right, I'm sitting comforably, may the mayhem at Bridge Farm begin! #thearchers
(@pboropixie on Twitter)

By Monday, many confessed to murderous feelings towards Tom and Helen, and there was plenty of praise for Tony for finally saying what everyone was thinking...

Hooray indeed! A 'grow up' and a 'selfish' and a 'thinking only of yourselves'. And ... he included Helen! (JustJanie- Fairweather Jogger)

I was cheering Tony on over the washing up! (villageschoolmaam)

This isn't just about Rich. This is about EVERYTHING. Selfish from the word go from the bluddy mortgage onwards. (Dusty Substances)

Tony is a moany old bore most of the time but he's SPOT ON with this. Helen & Tom are supposed to be ADULTS for heaven's sake, not self obsessed teenagers. (monsoon malabar)

#thearchers I never screamed at radio as much I did today listening to vile Tom and Helen. I had to remind myself its only radio show (@Massie68 on Twitter)

Taarm is thinking about having to give Rich a slice of the Plague Farm Pie (tainted though it be). He didn't spend all that time training up pigs to bend it like Beckham to hand it over to a Pretender. Money is his god. (MsMumbo-Jumbo)

I'd like Tarm to be slowly barbequed and then fed to his pigs (HappyNewYearEssexWoman)

Get it out of your system on the Go Tone! and I WANT THEM TO DIE threads on the message board.

Has Brenda got cold feet about tying the knot with "self obsessed" Tom?

I think the Rich saga will spend the end of the Tom n Brenda love fest. Brenda will realise that the sainted Tom is nothing more than a self obsessed twonk who has all the feeling and sensitivity of a breeze block. (flapdoodle)

Brenda shows absolutely no sign of wanting to marry Tom, less of wanting to engage with the Bridge Farm business... I appreciate that majority opinion here would suggest that these are signs of robust common sense, but this has to be counter-balanced by the fact that she seems to think there's a long-term career in working for Amside. (footintwocamps)

Why is Brenda even considering marrying someone as self centered as Tom? #thearchers (@Neiley83 on Twitter)

Add your thoughts to the Why are Tarm and Bren engaged? discussion on the message board.

Toes curled last Thursday night after Nic and Will's hen and stag nights

All that forced jollity was too much for me-I stuck it out to the end, but came close to switching off. (Abby33)

Oh god drunk people are so annoying on #thearchers (@myates on Twitter)

8 men all on lager at the pub #thearchers. No creme de menthe or sherry?! #peasants (@potterwigham on Twitter)

Love it or loathe it? Have your say on the message board

As the second series of Ambridge Extra reached its penultimate episode, listeners were wondering how the storylines would end - will Clive go back to prison? Will Daniel forgive Alistair?

Worst Christmas ever. Erin hasn't text me and the only present my dad got was a hair shirt from mum. #AmbridgeExtra@BBCTheArchers (@DanielAmbridge on Twitter)

Horrid horrid Erin. Not sure Alistair's explanations were very convincing, I wonder whether Shula will stay onside. Felt sorry for Al when Dan threw the 'you're not my father' line at him. (erminstrudel)

Don't know if Dan will forgive him because Dan's so vulnerable: easier to believe his not-Dad's fault than to accept that Erin never wanted him (couldntmarrybrian)

Prison's wasted on Clive, he doesn't accept that he's done anything wrong. Borsetshire won't be safe till he's dead (eventually he'll make an enemy who'll bump him off, it's only a matter of time). (beligerent_londonner101)

That episode was a corker, it can't be over, next episode can it? #thearchers #ambridgeextra (@roifield on Twitter)

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