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"Maybe they're mocking his tassled loafers behind his back" - listener discussions to 25 January 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:15 UK time, Friday, 27 January 2012


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Home Farm is in trouble this week, as Brian's charm offensive has fallen flat. Most listeners think his plans for the mega-dairy should be shelved and Adam's warned to watch his back after his views about the dairy were broadcast on Radio Borchester.

Jennifer's trip to the community shop had some wondering if Susan was being malicious in passing on village gossip about Brian.

Then there's Tracy Horrobin - a "breath of fresh air" in Ambridge. But is she after Susan's "prince"?

Over at Bridge Farm there's some concern about "moany Tony" who's being ignored by his selfish family. Listeners think it's time Tom and Helen pulled their weight before he's found face down among the leeks.

And special mention this week goes to Christine's "enticing" scones!

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 19-25 January 2012

Adam's little chat with Radio Borsetshire on Thursday set tongues wagging... but perhaps he should tread carefully where Brian's concerned.

Wow Adam giving it to Brian VIA media with both barrels #frankencows #thearchers

(@Labourcat" on Twitter)

Ooooh, Adam! You TRAITOR! #thearchers (@TreacleToo on Twitter)

I was just thinking that Adam should watch his back. Sunny Corleone caused no end of trouble in The Godfather by publicly disagreeing with his father. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

It's not been a good week for "poor old Brian". Was he bribing Jill by offering to sponsor Britain in Bloom? Then there was the row with Pat... listeners are divided over who won the argument but has Brian spurred Pat into action against the dairy?

Brian so slimey in his visit to Jill, could have slid under the garden gate. Yuck! #thearchers (@ballet_allie on Twitter)

Brian won that argument hands-down, so at least he got bragging rights. (JoLean)

I quite like Pat and she's not prepared to stomp over anyone and anything that gets in the way of what she wants. (Polly Tunnel)

Ooh - Pat's found her backbone! It's amazing what you can achieve when you stop thinking about elusive grandsons #thearchers (@gingabeans on Twitter)

'niche farming' OUCH #thearchers #archers Brian, you should know better than that. Pat is putting her placards together right this minute. (@vencut2 on Twitter)

Take sides with Pat or Brian on the Poor old Brian thread on the message board.

On Wednesday night, Brian's charm offensive came unstuck as listeners sided with Jim

I was cheering for Jim tonight he was the epitome of dignity and intelligence. I found the rudeness of the people, especially Mike, who took Brian's beer then left him standing, unacceptable. (Dailyfix)

I thought Brian got exactly what he deserved for trying to buy off the peasants with a few mugs of ale. (returnmigration)

He's used to getting his own way, in so many things, and now he's realising people are standing up to him, who knows maybe even mocking his tasselled loafers behind his back. (ermintrude)

Give Jim a cheer on the message board thread: Go for it Jim

Whether Susan was being tactless or deliberately mean to Jennifer in the Village Shop, listeners loved the exchange...

Tactless, or what ..........but I loved it! I think Jenny is tough enough to ride it out somehow. (siriol)

Jenny should know if all the village are against the Mega-Dairy. Susan is doing her and Brian a favour. I think the chatter had a purpose - she deliberately paid Jenny back for all the snobbery J has displayed to *her*. (JustPresidentBunny_Socialist)

Delicious. Pure Susan (Shirley Knott)

Read more on the Good for Susan thread.

There's been plenty of chat about Tracy Horrobin. After her scene with Susan on Sunday many were reminiscing about the magazines of their youth. But some are wondering what Tracy is really after. It couldn't be Neil, could it?

I thought she and Susan were very good tonight. 'Your prince came and he's outside connecting the waste pipe' or thereabouts - I laughed out loud. (jennet_device)

Oddly enjoyable listening to Susan and Tracey reminiscing over Jackie and Bunty #thearchers(@archelina on Twitter)

Tracey is a right breath of fresh air me thinks; I'm really looking forward to her getting established and up the other Ambridgite's noses! Go Trace!!!!!! (Take me to the Am)

She's jealous of Susan's big house. Does she covet her husband as well? (Freda Fry)

Have your say on the message board threads: I like Tracy and Will Tracy seduce Neil?

Over at Bridge Farm, listeners are wondering when the family are going to notice that Tony is struggling to cope.

I really sympathised with Tony in tonight's episode. Bridge Farm is above all just that, a farm, and farm work goes on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Tom is a lazy, arrogant, irritating little twonk! (DEL_girl)

Just as a matter of interest, does Helen ever do (or help with) the milking? (StargazerwithOscar)

Pat is so wrapped up with her children/gchildren that she hasn't noticed poor old Tony for years. (old cath)

Every time Tom lets Tony down with the milking he should change the will another percent in Rich's favour #thearchers (@HomeChemistry on Twitter)

Hope the badgers finish off Tom. Do they eat human flesh? #thearchers (@augusta1230 on Twitter)

Join the debate on the message board: Why can't Helen do the bluddy milking? and Moany Tony

Ahhh... Is love in the air for Jim and Christine?
@BBCTheArchers there goes Christine enticing Jim with her scones (@Sianllew123 on Twitter)

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"Pip's gone mad now" - listener discussions to 18 January 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 12:14 UK time, Monday, 23 January 2012


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There's plenty to get hot under the collar about this past week - Pip's new ideas for Brookfield for a start, but a few think her heart's in the right place.

As Ambridge is blighted by the phone and broadband outage, the Dunkirk spirit hit the message board with listeners rallying round. There's been some speculation about who may have stolen the copper wire - were the Brookfield badgers up to no good? Or is Elizabeth in the frame?

Rufus, the Bochester Land PR "guru", comes in for some stick, and then there's Tom's "bluddy ready meals"...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 12-18 January 2012.

Pip Archer's bright ideas for Brookfield have infuriated some listeners, but others think she's only trying to help

I'm getting tired of Pip the Egotistical Farmer Matriarch (James Jeffrey Paul on Facebook)

Am I the only person who preferred Pip when she was going off the rails? #thearchers (@jackiesmith on Twitter)

Oh no, *not* *again* ... "I've done the reesearch." And dim David just lets her rattle
on ...
(The devil wears Burberry)

A celebrity lamb? Its own Twitter account? A blog about its celebrity lifestyle? Pip's gone mad now. #thearchers (@marzillk on Twitter)

She's very warm towards Ruth and David, and does things with the best of intentions... Remembering the teenage Elizabeth, Kate, Helen, Lucy and even joyriding Fallon, I think Pips ok. (StargazerwithOscar)

I wish Ruth and David would just hurry up and sign up with the Devil, I mean Brian #thearchers (@ellespeller on Twitter)

Add your thoughts on the message board threads: Another lecture from Pip and Friends of Pip.

As Ambridge's phones and broadband go down, discussions centre around the availability of 3G and whether Grey Gables has been badly advised on their IT

Pip won't be able to set up her Facebook account for the baa-lamb. This is serious! (typewright)

Does nobody in #Ambridge have 3G on their phone or own a dongle? #thearchers #archers (@simondrage on Twitter)

Three times in the last year the copper cable for my area has been stolen. First time it affected 6,000 lines, and took 10 days to repair. Yes - 6,000 phones! (BartelbysBestFriend)

Read all about it on the message board

Was someone from Ambridge to blame for the outage? Clive has form, or perhaps it's his brother Gary? Or could it be Elizabeth, who seems to be raking it in at the Orangery offering customers free WiFi...

Ah, so Elizabeth is prime suspect for the stolen cable! It's probably hidden on the roof of Lower Loxley. #thearchers @BBCTheArchers (@fairy_with_hair on Twitter)

My money's on the badgers. They've cut all communications into and out of Brookfield. The electricity goes next, then... well, let's just say that the hole in the slurry lagoon will be filled. (Nelson_G)

It's Josh - he's always on the make, and if the cows are going..... (joanhood)

I think it will turn out to be Helen; and Pat will say it's alright as long as she's thought it through. (HtoHe)

It's got to be Darrell hasn't it? Ex-con turns up in Ambridge, we only have Elona's version of his past history. Peggy has been very trusting. Well it's either him or Josh. (Phanda)

Join the discussion on the Lizardbreath is a car thread.

Those on the message board rallied round...

I'm organising a blanket knitting session btw. Tomorrow morning 10.30 sharp at the Village Hall. I hope everyone else is pulling their weight and mucking in. (Vicky S)

I've brought the old blackout curtains down from the attic. People could drape them over their telephones until the crisis is over. (Hot Cross Nun)

Isn't it about time they sent the Army and a minor Royal in? Ambridge Needs You... on the message board...

Brian and Annabelle's "bleedin leaflets" have some wondering whether their PR man, Rufus, is qualified for the job in hand

Rufus was bigged up to be some kind of marketing guru yet he don't do words! What kind of agency are we talking about here? (Country Squire)

I was surprised Rufus didn't bang on about social media and the robo-dairy having its own facebook and twitter whatsits. Well at least he didn't run anything up the flag pole. (Feral_Ralph)

Personally I'd favour some metallic aliens standing on their planet and laughing at how humans used to keep cows in fields. (Borrowed Time)

I've met people like Rufus. He, Brian, Jennifer, Annabel and Debbie deserve each other. #thearchers (@gingabeans on Twitter)

Add your rant to the More bleedin leaflets thread.

Lastly, Tom's ready meals aren't going down well with most listeners. Perhaps he should reconsider?

Urgh Tom. Urgh Brenda. Urgh pork anything. #thearchers (@chickenprincess on Twitter)

Who in their right mind would buy an overpriced sausage casserole devised by a leaflet supremo? (Dusty Substances)

My guess is that Brenda's mushed down unwanted leaflets to form the sausages. Tom's blagging leeks for free. Cost £0.02 for a sprinkle of mixed herbs. Sell at £2.99. Genius... (Fi of little faith)

Tom is entering an existing market and not offering anything different to what is already available except he will want a premium price to offset all the start up costs. (anna kist)

Tom has found a gap in the market. Next - ready buttered bread? (virtual_jan)

Join the Sausage casserole debate.

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"I love Tracy Horrobin!" - listener discussions to 11 January 2012

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 09:28 UK time, Friday, 13 January 2012


Twitter quote

Is Tracy Horrobin out-manipulating Susan? Will Debbie and Brian get the mega dairy off the ground or will they be scuppered by adverse publicity?

Is Tony heading for a health scare, and as the new Grundys arrive home, what will Emma think of "Casa Nueva" being consigned to history?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 5-11 January 2012.

That Tracy Horrobin is "playing a blinder" when it comes to dealing with Susan and Bert. Will she - and should she - get her own way?

If she stays where she is, retains her thick skin, her natural reticence for effort, but stops short of being actively offensive, she could stay with Susan for months. (BlackSheepBoy)

I love Tracy Horrobin! I can't emphasise this enough. I love the sound of Neil's exasperation when talking to her! #thearchers (@mdransfield on Twitter)

Did I hear it right as blackmail from a position of absolutely no strength at all? Spend £X of YOUR money re-decorating, re-building, plumbing, electrics etc etc and I might move in??? Barefaced cheek. (DracsM1)

Would you want to move back home? Have your say on the message board

Debbie and Brian's mega dairy has sparked a heated debate about the issues involved. Most side with the naysayers and hope that the plans are thwarted...

I badly want Debbie housed on concrete - fed regulated amounts of processed food pellets and taken three times a day (not the usual two) - for a spin on a carousel suction device for say a year followed by another year living in a cottage where 'waste material' is sprayed right up to her front door and then tell us what a wonderful idea this is! (fellman)

I want Project Frankencows to go ahead, just so I can see it all come crashing down around Debbie and Brian's ears later #thearchers (@gingabeans on Twitter)

I'm with Adam on this - there's probably more money to be made from arable anyway over the next decade without any need to inflict such a monstrosity on the countryside... It's a huge gamble that probably isn't worth it. (Poorgrass)

There is a contrast in The Archers with the demise of Brokenfield's traditional style of dairying... They lose money with every litre produced. The fully capitalised so called mega dairy will have all the latest equipment methods and care facilities and will be run efficiently. From what I have seen it's not a battery system with animals tied into veal crates. (Lee Shore)

Should I stop eating meat if I can't afford organic / free range? Rubbish! I'm amazed at the nonsense the middle classes will spout in defence of their comfortable position. It's so easy to be considerate when you're well off. What about the rest of us?
(Freda Festive)

Add your thoughts to the What's wrong with the mega dairy? thread.

But who's leaked the story to the Borchester Echo? Adam is the hot favourite, while Andrew Eagleton, Pip, Jill and even Jennifer are suspects

I reckon it's Adam. In fact I'd bet on it being Adam #thearchers (@aboorer on Twitter)

It would be a good twist if Brian accused Adam of leaking the story only to find out it wasn't Adam after all. Think of the bad feeling then. There is nothing like injustice to make you really really fed up. It won't take much more to push Adam to the brink. (pigsrlovely)

Pip or her bloke is the grass. I hope. Come on Lynda! #thearchers (@SredniVashtari on Twitter)

I think it is JD [Jennifer]. Not on purpose but she is such a blabbermouth... (anna kist)

Tell us who gets your vote on the message board

After remarks that Tony was tired, listeners wonder if he's heading for a health scare...

The portents are piling up: Tony talks of being tired lately; Pat is feeling optimistic about their future. Does this mean he's going to pull his last leek in the next week or so? (Jacks Parakeet)

I think he's tired of Tom... Why go struggling on with all that hard graft just so you can leave it to such an ungrateful and insensitive brat? (Rose Sal Volatile Parade)

Add your speculation on the message board: How Long Has Tony Got Left?

On Wednesday, some listeners were touched that Jake and Mia were to take the Grundy name

mia and jake grundy... call me grandma, that's sweet, I love Clarrie #thearchers (@roifield on Twitter)

Ah Clarrie Grundy, could hear the tears in her eyes #thearchers (@Sarahurbanmum on Twitter)

And as "Casa Nueva" is consigned to history, listeners wonder what Emma will make of Greenwood Cottage? Some would love to be a fly on the wall when she finds out...

I'm liking the Will and Nic storyline but I'm not getting enough of Emma's sour grapes to make it really enjoyable. I was convinced she'd do something disruptive at the wedding. (Freddy Danby Appreciation Society)

I am more than happy for Emma's nose to be put out of joint on a regular basis. I bet she curses the day she decided to choose Ed over Will given he is financially secure and she and Ed are anything but! (Scarlett)

Join the debate on the message board

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NVZs and the slurry lagoon

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Steve Peacock | 09:28 UK time, Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Timothy Bentinck and Felicity Finch (David and Ruth Archer)

David and Ruth Archer can curse their bad luck in finding that badgers have damaged their slurry pit (or 'lagoon'). But they are by no means the only farmers having to fork out substantial sums in order to comply with the Government's latest Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) regulations.

A year ago the National Farmers' Union (NFU) estimated nearly half of dairy farmers in England would not have enough slurry storage when the rules changed on 1 January this year. Just to stay in business they would have to invest in new storage tanks or different ways of processing slurry. As David said, it is investment just to stand still, with no prospect of a return.

Of course, the rules haven't been changed just to annoy farmers. They are there to protect the rivers, streams and underground aquifers from being polluted by fertilisers or farm waste running off the land.

The UK government has adopted the European nitrates directive and the NVZ strategy stems from this. 62 per cent of England is now covered by NVZs. There is even talk of making the whole country into a zone, so that the same rules apply to everyone. This is because some farmers have complained they are put at a disadvantage compared to neighbours who are not in an NVZ.

Farmers inside a zone - there are maps on the Defra website - have to keep detailed records of where, when and how much fertiliser they spread. There are also closed seasons for spreading slurry, manure and manufactured fertilisers. Different rules apply according to soil type and whether the land in used for grazing or cultivation.

The risks

The Environment Agency may ask to see these records and can prosecute people who don't keep them accurately. It is also a 'cross-compliance' issue, so farmers risk losing part of their single-farm payment if they don't comply.

The big change that came in on January 1 is about the capacity for storing slurry on livestock farms and, again, one rule doesn't fit all farms. Cattle farmers have to be able to store five months' worth of slurry safely. On pig and poultry farms they need six months' storage for slurry and/or manure. It can be a complicated equation.

Many dairy farmers have been advised to separate the solids from their slurry and store that as manure so they would need a smaller tank or lagoon for liquids. This has the additional benefit that the liquid is a very good grassland fertiliser, with less taint than conventional slurry. Cattle can graze the treated land within a few weeks of application.

But this wasn't an option for Brookfield because some years ago David and Ruth got rid of their cubicles and switched to a loose-housed system with the cattle on straw in the winter months. This meant they had less slurry to deal with. Their pit would have been big enough to comply with the new regulations.

If only it hadn't sprung a leak...

Steve Peacock is The Archers agricultural advisor.

'I'm about to cry...' - Listener discussions to 4 January

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 11:39 UK time, Monday, 9 January 2012


Twitter quote

As Ambridge saw in 2012, Will and Nic tied the knot. Whilst some admitted to shedding a tear at their special day, others wondered if the marriage would last and whether Caroline's cake deception was "shameful".

There's also been talk of Debbie's frosty chat with Elizabeth at the pantomime; Tom's broodiness; the anniversary of Nigel Pargetter's death and the shocking prospect of Brookfield with no dairy herd.

The Ambridge Extra series finale had some wondering if it was all wrapped up too neatly, but many are "getting withdrawal symptoms already"...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 29 December and 4 January 2012.

Will and Nic's big day was "lovely". But is this a new start for Will, or is Nic making a big mistake in marrying Ambridge's "possessive" gamekeeper?

I'm about to cry at Nic and Will's wedding! #thearchers (@MrsAnnRoberts on Twitter)

Clarrie deserved a happy day and it was (Threewellsofmyown)

I thought that Will and Nic's nuptials were lovely too: I really have taken to Ms Hanson, and her children are just about bearable (Colonel Danby)

Will's current behaviour is based on his getting his own waaay. Once married life begins in earnest he's going to get even more possessive and Nic will be well and truly under his thumb with a certificate to prove it. (Malahide)

Was there something in the vows about forsaking all brothers? #thearchers (@MarieAnneMcQuay on Twitter)

Will it last? Have your say on the message board

"Cake-gate" had many speculating on whether Caroline was right to hide the mishap - was she protecting Clarrie's feelings or simply hoping she wouldn't get found out?

Caroline has fallen on Clarrie's cake. Upper classes throwing their weight around #thearchers (@lindasgrant on Twitter)

Caroline's high-handed sweeping under the carpet attitude stank. Go on, Caro, get up those ladders right now and give that chandeler one last polish. Then I can push you off for a perfect New Year's treat. (soobeehere)

Can we keep the cake as a regular character? #TheArchers (@Wimblebear on Twitter)

Indulge in some cake talk on the message board

Elizabeth's frosty chat with Debbie at the panto had listeners revisiting the Brian/Siobhan affair...

Lizzie mentioning Shove [Siobhan] when she was clearly thinking of Nigel seemed like one of those off guard foot in mouth moments when you're not fully filtering your thoughts to stop the undiplomatic ones from popping out. I loved it. (old cath)

I can't believe this all happened nearly 10 years ago! (Alice Lee on Facebook)

Still, whatever the rights or wrongs of it, it was nice to hear Lizzie on the back foot for a change. She has everyone else pandering to her... As if we're not aware of Nigel's death in every sentence she utters with that little catch in her voice! (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

As they cleared the air...

Ironing and weeping at #thearchers This has got to stop. (@MrsGracePoole on Twitter)

Find out Why Debbie and Lizzie were...? on the message board.

Listeners have been mulling over Tom Archer's motives in wanting a child. Is Brenda being sensible or cruel when she says she's not keen?

I wish we could have seen Brenda's face when Tom said he was ready for children. #thearchers (@marzillk on Twitter)

I think Tom's recent behaviour has alarmed Brenda into re-assessing the future she has so far accepted: being a farmer's wife with no career path to return to if needed; and the awful prospect of looking after more children than just her fiance. If she changes course, that could be an interesting storyline (Jacks Parakeet in a Pear Tree)

And he hasn't grasped the financial implications of kid-rearing because the only example he has got is the fiercely independent Helen who lets her parents pick up all the bills. (returnmigration)

Brenda should at least be honest, give him his ring back and stop wasting his time if she cannot see herself marrying him or having children with him. (Auntie Molly)

Well done Brenda for giving him the reality check. Having a child should be a joint decision with a mutual intention of commitment. (Leastsaidsoonestmended)

Add your thoughts on the Was Brenda right and Good old Bren! threads

In other discussions, the anniversary of Nigel's death was marked with a listeners' memorial leap and a commemorative thread on the message board solemnly led by Nigel's chief mourner; and over at Brookfield, are they really thinking of getting rid of the cows?

I am ensconced for the day in my non-widder's weeds and weeping softly into a black-edged handkerchief. RIP Nigel, you are missed and mourned. (La Sharpissima)

No cows at brookfield - can hear Phil turning in his grave from here... (@bluejude on Twitter)

As series two of Ambridge Extra came to a close, there was plenty of discussion about the series ending - was it all wrapped up too neatly? And should there be another series?

I'm glad irksome Erin got publicly put in her place! Go Daniel! (Noreen Greenacre on Facebook)

AmbridgeExtra ended too neatly though I like that Clive said he would be back soaps need a returning evil bastard #thearchers #ambridgeextra (@roifield on Twitter)

I gave up with the first series as it seemed to be only about the young'uns partying (maybe I gave up too soon) but the second series was excellent. Congratulations to the script writers who developed some really good story lines. I actually enjoyed the voice bubbles as thought it helped get closer to the characters. (Mooseymagic)

I do detest the thought bubbles though, my only criticism, and lets have more of Matt and Lilian to balance the rest of the too good Archers. (farvenoel)

Please bring back the next season of #AmbridgeExtra very soon. Getting withdrawal symptoms already. @BBCRadio4extra (@captain_clegg_1 on Twitter)

@BBCTheArchers @BBCRadio4extra. It's been a brilliant series gripping stuff. Will there be a third series? (@ruggerlad on Twitter)

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.

The Archers Timeline - updated

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 14:50 UK time, Friday, 6 January 2012


The Archers Timeline

We've updated The Archers Timeline with the main events from 2011. It's been a busy year, beginning with Nigel's death - and of course Henry's birth - and closing with the emotional upheaval caused by the discovery of John's son Rich.

Along the way Ambridge was visited by royalty and by a rather less welcome Clive Horrobin. Farming was to the fore, with E coli and a mega-dairy proposal creating ripples all over the place. And there were lots more stories, big and small.

The Timeline lists the major events in Archers history right back to the beginning of the programme in 1951. It's well worth a browse to remind yourself about stories you heard in the past - the time when Ed saved Emma's life, perhaps. And go back even further, to discover what was happening in the village before you started to listen - Kenton joining the navy, or Nelson Gabriel going into the casino business, for example.

And if you want an even more thorough summary of Ambridge history, may I recommend the 'diamond decades' blog posts I wrote in the run-up to the 60th anniversary, which contain an even greater wealth of storyline detail.

Keri Davies is an Archers scriptwriter and web producer

Browse The Archers Timeline
Read the 'diamond decades' blog posts
Picture shows an extract from The Archers Timeline

"I'd like Tarm to be slowly barbequed and then fed to his pigs" - listener discussions to 28 December 2011

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Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 10:11 UK time, Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Twitter quote

It's Christmas! We've had applause for Jazzer's singing at Lynda's Christmas Around the World cabaret, and boos for Tom and Helen and their selfish attitudes. There's a pint of Shires for Tony for saying what everyone was thinking, and a large vodka for Tracy for giving young Ruairi a selection box on Christmas day.

Listeners wonder if Tom and Brenda will ever marry, and they would rather have been invited to Auntie Chris's birthday lunch than Will and Nic's hen and stag dos.

And as the penultimate episode of Ambridge Extra played out, will Dan ever forgive Alistair? And will Clive make it through to the end of the series?

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 22-28 December 2011

Jazzer's turn at Lynda's World of Christmas warmed listeners' hearts

Aww #Jazzer brought a tear to my eye. Lovely end to Christmas @BBCTheArchers (@LiveAtLiberty on Twitter)

Best moment of the year in TA, by far. Thank you. (Dr Toad Leg)

More please Jazzer - make an album (joanhood)

Have your say on the Thanks Jazzer thread on the message board.

As Christmas day in Ambridge approached, there was a "god bless Tracy" for giving Ruairi a selection box to play with

To my surprise I'm actually enjoying Tracey being in The #Archers. Anything that upsets Susan Carter is fine by me (@RichardCrowest on Twitter)

And over at Bridge Farm, listeners predicted that Rich's shadow would loom large over the celebrations...

And there was peace throughout the Archer land - until tonight! Hohoho! #merrychristmasoneandall #thearchers (@Noelgoodboo on Twitter)

Right, I'm sitting comforably, may the mayhem at Bridge Farm begin! #thearchers
(@pboropixie on Twitter)

By Monday, many confessed to murderous feelings towards Tom and Helen, and there was plenty of praise for Tony for finally saying what everyone was thinking...

Hooray indeed! A 'grow up' and a 'selfish' and a 'thinking only of yourselves'. And ... he included Helen! (JustJanie- Fairweather Jogger)

I was cheering Tony on over the washing up! (villageschoolmaam)

This isn't just about Rich. This is about EVERYTHING. Selfish from the word go from the bluddy mortgage onwards. (Dusty Substances)

Tony is a moany old bore most of the time but he's SPOT ON with this. Helen & Tom are supposed to be ADULTS for heaven's sake, not self obsessed teenagers. (monsoon malabar)

#thearchers I never screamed at radio as much I did today listening to vile Tom and Helen. I had to remind myself its only radio show (@Massie68 on Twitter)

Taarm is thinking about having to give Rich a slice of the Plague Farm Pie (tainted though it be). He didn't spend all that time training up pigs to bend it like Beckham to hand it over to a Pretender. Money is his god. (MsMumbo-Jumbo)

I'd like Tarm to be slowly barbequed and then fed to his pigs (HappyNewYearEssexWoman)

Get it out of your system on the Go Tone! and I WANT THEM TO DIE threads on the message board.

Has Brenda got cold feet about tying the knot with "self obsessed" Tom?

I think the Rich saga will spend the end of the Tom n Brenda love fest. Brenda will realise that the sainted Tom is nothing more than a self obsessed twonk who has all the feeling and sensitivity of a breeze block. (flapdoodle)

Brenda shows absolutely no sign of wanting to marry Tom, less of wanting to engage with the Bridge Farm business... I appreciate that majority opinion here would suggest that these are signs of robust common sense, but this has to be counter-balanced by the fact that she seems to think there's a long-term career in working for Amside. (footintwocamps)

Why is Brenda even considering marrying someone as self centered as Tom? #thearchers (@Neiley83 on Twitter)

Add your thoughts to the Why are Tarm and Bren engaged? discussion on the message board.

Toes curled last Thursday night after Nic and Will's hen and stag nights

All that forced jollity was too much for me-I stuck it out to the end, but came close to switching off. (Abby33)

Oh god drunk people are so annoying on #thearchers (@myates on Twitter)

8 men all on lager at the pub #thearchers. No creme de menthe or sherry?! #peasants (@potterwigham on Twitter)

Love it or loathe it? Have your say on the message board

As the second series of Ambridge Extra reached its penultimate episode, listeners were wondering how the storylines would end - will Clive go back to prison? Will Daniel forgive Alistair?

Worst Christmas ever. Erin hasn't text me and the only present my dad got was a hair shirt from mum. #AmbridgeExtra@BBCTheArchers (@DanielAmbridge on Twitter)

Horrid horrid Erin. Not sure Alistair's explanations were very convincing, I wonder whether Shula will stay onside. Felt sorry for Al when Dan threw the 'you're not my father' line at him. (erminstrudel)

Don't know if Dan will forgive him because Dan's so vulnerable: easier to believe his not-Dad's fault than to accept that Erin never wanted him (couldntmarrybrian)

Prison's wasted on Clive, he doesn't accept that he's done anything wrong. Borsetshire won't be safe till he's dead (eventually he'll make an enemy who'll bump him off, it's only a matter of time). (beligerent_londonner101)

That episode was a corker, it can't be over, next episode can it? #thearchers #ambridgeextra (@roifield on Twitter)

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Will and Nic - going away pictures

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Keri Davies Keri Davies | 18:30 UK time, Sunday, 1 January 2012


Becky Wright and Philip Molloy (Nic and Will Grundy)

As Will and Nic jet off to their honeymoon in Cape Verde, we thought you might like to see a couple of photos of them in their 'going away' outfits.

Our thanks to Becky Wright and Phil Molloy for posing in very cold conditions. Well, if they will choose to get married on New Year's Day...

Keri Davies is an Archers scriptwriter and web producer

Becky Wright and Philip Molloy (Nic and Will Grundy)

Philip Molloy and Becky Wright (Will and Nic Hanson)

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