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Anyone feel sorry for Henry... at all?" - listener discussions to 16 November 2011

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 16:30 PM, Friday, 18 November 2011

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Ivy's funeral was deemed "bloody good" and "EastEnders" on Thursday. Listeners wonder why Susan is spending so much time looking after her dad and Gary.

Others are doing their sums to work out if Rich could really be John Archer's son - what would it mean for Helen, Tom and Henry? And what do you think of Lynda's Christmas Show or Will and Nic's wedding plans?

Over in Ambridge Extra, it's all getting steamy... phew!

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between Thurs 10 and Weds 16 November 2011.

Thursday's "Horrobin-fest" delighted many although a few wondered whether they'd stumbled into EastEnders rather than Ivy's funeral. Kylie and Susan were applauded for giving Clive his marching orders...

Before the funeral started, one "Rev Alan Franks" posted on Twitter: Ah the bike is locked up and the silver is secure. A special day for a special family @CliveHorrobin #archers #thearchers

You can say what you like about the Horrobins, but they throw a bloody entertaining funeral. #archers #thearchers (@feexby on Twitter)

Wot no punch up? We woz robbed. Not a bad funeral though all in all, the row was worth waiting for but a punch up would have put it up there at the top of the chart... I just hope that Clive has a massive bootprint on his arse as he leaves Ambridge. (La Sharpissima)

@BBCTheArchers am I listening to Enders by mistake? (@franjangle on Twitter)

Difficult to do simmering pent-up sibling resentment looking daggers over the vast expanse of vol-au-vents and drained pint glasses on radio, but they did a good job here. (A Mankwold Sioux)

Susan, I'd recommend keeping a bucket of water by your front door tonight. Just in case, eh? #thearchers #horrobin #firestarter (@Wimblebear on Twitter)

Follow the action on the Wot no punch up? thread on the message board.

Poor put-upon Susan, cooking and cleaning for Bert and Gary. But at least one listener wonders if it's not just their welfare she's looking out for...

Susan's life is sorted for the foreseeable, cook clean, cook clean work, cook clean, work....... #thearchers (@Airscraper on Twitter)

Do you not think she is showing so much interest because she fears Clive getting his hooks in? Doing all that cooking and clothes washing means she can keep a surreptitious eye on them .. (JustPresidentBunnikins_Socialist)

Either that or she is taking on the mantle of matriarch and she is going to knock those Horrobins into shape seeing as how they are now related to Aldridges. (Pahnda)

Read more on the message board

Talk of Kylie's half-brother, Rich, has had listeners comparing dates and wondering if he could possibly be John Archer's son? And if their suspicions are correct, what will Helen and Tom make of it all?

Pat's just gone back to the shop to double check! Bet Tony finds the calculator on the desk when he gets back. (May_Contain_Nuts)

Perhaps the lad should be sent a warning!! (Gillian Berg on Facebook)

Have just checked and John died on 25/2/1998 - I was sure it was earlier than that! So 13 would work, I guess. (Claribel)

Helen thought by producing the perfect 1st grandchild she'd staked her claim to the farm. Presumably Peggy will pop Rich in her Will if he is her great-grandchild & the SWs aren't toying with us. (fieldplace)

Anyone feel sorry for Henry... at all? (Ϯ Lady MacbethϮ - 42)

Follow the speculation on the How is Pat going to find out if Rich is John's son? and A teenager? threads.

Christmas is coming... will you be buying a ticket to Lynda's Christmas show?

What could be worse than a Christmas Concert? A Christmas Concert with home made 'food from around the world' served cold on a paper plate whilst your hearing is assaulted by some caterwauling locals. (Borrowed Time)

I thought it sounded quite nice. As long as it's wine/booze from round the world to dull the pain, I'd far rather go to that than a concert. (Rachael2001)

Will it work? Tell Lynda what you think on the message board

Will and Nic's wedding - with a honeymoon in Cape Verde and a wedding list at Underwoods, are they being a little too adventurous?

Wedding present list in Underwoods? Isn't that a bit OTT? (Diamontelil)

It's better than the village shop. Why not? A time-honoured Borsetshire tradition, I daresay. (ermintrude)

I would have loved it to be in the village shop! that has made me laugh. I might have lashed out for a pair of american tan tights myself, if it had been. (Irene)

Have your say on message board

Is Brian's mega dairy proposal coming unstuck? Most listeners seem to hope so

Anyone catch the Archers tonight. Ruth in meltdown about large scale dairy idea. Suspect this one will run and run. (@FarmersWeely on Twitter)

Rather liked Ruth's reaction. Glad not everyone is dropping their drawers for Bri. Of course they're going to go up poo creek without a financial paddle and be Sorely Tempted but I sort of hope Ruth and David will stick to their guns. (Basia)

Should Brian get his way? Or are you with Ruth and Not keen?

It's getting heated over in Ambridge Extra! Erin and Dan... (or should that be Alistair!) have dominated discussions . Tuesday's episode was labelled both "disgusting" and "hot stuff"!

I thought this was the best (i.e. most believable) Ambridge sex scene since John and Sharon on top of the hay wagon. (mike)

I switched it off. Bad enough to hear the tonsillar exchanges without Dan's neurotic musings. Bleurgh. (soobeehere)

I'm glad that wasn't on TA, I'm not sure my mother would have approved....... But the bit where she stopped Daniel mid-grope to take a text from his father was a classic...... (ermintrude)

Is it just me or may there be trouble ahead for the vet and his son's friend or should I wash my mouth out. #beauty&thebeast. (@robertolopezuk on Twitter)

Discuss Ambridge Extra on the message board.

And I'll leave you with a few new house names for Ambridge residents, suggested on the message board

DunHorrobin (Purple_Hay)

Stilmoanin - Rickyard Cottage renamed (Auntie Molly)

Jimus (or Auntie C) Done Roman (typewright)

Bovine Mega-Unit View' - HF farmhouse, renamed and NOT Bridge Farm (Torch_Brookfield)

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