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"Who's winding up whom?" - Listener discussions to 8 July

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 15:10 PM, Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Have the young ones taken over The Archers? Is Pip empire-building already? Who's winding up whom in the Grundy clan? Is Kathy too lenient with Jamie? Who's Samantha? And if you can help with the Village Fete, do let the Planning Committee know...

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 1-8 July.

The focus on Jamie and Natalie, and Pip and Spencer has some wondering whether Ambridge Extra has gate-crashed The Archers?

What a wonderful episode of #TheArchers.Young love, actual farming stuff and brilliantly written and performed #Archers (@CarrDarch on Twitter)

Erm..has @BBCRadio4 put Ambridge Extra on by mistake? Tedious teens all over... (@PlaceFarm on Twitter)

Can't help thinking Pip's going out with odd younger version of her father - still, best not go down that freudian road (@DavidfromBarnet on Twitter)

Well done for bringing the new, younger characters into mainstream TA. I hope Natalie stays around. I like her and she is clearly good for Jamie. It is lovely to hear Pip and Spencer (a) enjoying each other's company and (b) being happy to chat to David - and I am sure Ruth as well. Hope we don't have episodes of "young" and "old" characters separately though! (ermintrude)

Have your say on the message board: Was that an episode of Ambridge Extra broadcast by mistake?

Are Jamie's misdeeds behind him? Many listeners think he's got off extremely lightly

The kid needs a short sharp shock, a boot up the jacksie... He's been involved in borderline criminal activities and needs something other than bluddy kid glove treatment

But all the shenanigans which preceded the car crash is UNKNOWN to Kathy, Kenton and most of the population of Ambridge... Obviously Jamie knows and feels guilty - hence his `you're a star Mum'. Maybe she should be suspicious .. (JPBS)

Kathy reminds me of parents I've seen in school who cover their children's misdemeanors wholeheartedly until a biggie arrives that can't be covered... and then they wring their hands and wonder where it all went wrong. (alanis)
Read more on the thread: To Make The Punishment Fit The Crime

Has Pip got ideas above her station? And with Jude replaced by Sensible Spencer, will she ever have fun again? Her chat with Eddie at the Borsetshire show was seen by most as patronising but some think she's growing up and should be praised for her initiative.

Do teenagers really go on to their boyfriends about how fabby-doo their parents are???? Made me feel quite ill (Fi of little faith)

I don't like to hear Pip speak to Eddie with that patronising tone, she's only 18 for goodness sake #thearchers (@victoriamaule on Twitter)

Oh come on Pip. Supermarkets will rip you off. Sell your milk locally! Vamp Harry to take it on the float. #thearchers (@sundayhandbag on Twitter)

I heard a little lady growing into adulthood with some views on the world around her and some positive ideas. I'm sure a number of us can relate to how we felt and spoke at eighteen and might even be reasonably proud of our daughter's awareness were we the parent. (Seveek)

Join the discussion on the Back to Pip's La La Land thread.

George's scarecrow has listeners debating who's winding up whom in the Grundy clan?

I thought Nic was highly disingenuous about the whole thing. " Georgie would have loved to make a scarecrow. [ pause ]. But [ pause ] Ed and Emma [ ever so slightly sarcastic voice ] 'are too busy'."... No need to poke Will's resentment of Ed and Emma with a sharp stick. (Tadpole)

Will's words, as far as I'm concerned, seemed to totally ignore Mia and Jake and the way he said them sounded like throwing down the gauntlet to Ed rather than indulging in a family activity (NewEssexWoman)

Can't help thinking that Clarrie was rather proactively setting it up. "Oh dear Emma/Ed will not make a scarecrow for George"........So over to you Nic, there is some bait, what are you going to make of that! (LarryLambLeeds)

Read all about it on the Scarecrow for George thread.

The newly appointed Village Fete Committee on the message board are doing sterling work organising everything from the bunting to the teas, which, according to Peggy's mantra, "will be available at all times"...

I'll organise the Splat the Rat contest. As long as Matt, Leon and Jude are there, of course.(Arkwright Hall)

Trolley dash in the village shop - how many American Tan tights and sandwiches can the contestants grab in a minute? (A Frend)

If anyone wants to help - particularly with the bunting - do let the Village Fete Committee know.

Is Emma's cousin Samantha a Horrobin or a Carter? The message board folk have had fun marrying up The Archers and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue

Samantha? Emma's cousin? Isn't she still working on ISIHAC? Gosh, we might hear from her. La Thwaite had better watch out. (typewrite)

I am now so looking forward to the christening and hearing Alan explain why the godmother Samantha has had to nip out of the church. (careen)
Have a giggle on the Samantha? Emma's cousin? thread.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Not sure that your selection of quotes is entirely representative but well done for finding some posts praising the apalling Pip.

  • Comment number 2.

    Re. Underwoods

    Oh for crying out loud. Thank you Brenda for telling us "It's in the contract". I didn't think it was in a Christmas cracker in Peggy Wooly's sideboard.

    If the contractual obligation is to pay "Liquidated damages" and these are a genuine pre-estimation of Underwood's loss, then it may be enforceable. If the £10,000 is in part or whole in the nature of a penalty payment then it's not enforceable. The courts have sole jurisdiction in assessing penalties.

    Pat needs some advice from Usha. Or she could try Citizens' Advice.


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