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"Deeply satisfying. Roll on the hundred year war" - Listener discussions from 18-20 May 2011

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 09:41 AM, Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#thearchers Last night I was happily driving down A1 listening to a picnic & birdsong - then the bomb .. I nearly crashed my car.- Twitter post from @JamesMc_C

Everything was eclipsed by Thursday's picnic at Lower Loxley. Some omnibus listeners broke with tradition and listened in during the week - and many shared their coping strategies...

In a hyperactive frenzy having listened to 20 Jerry Lee Lewis tracks in a row- an attempt to recover from that episode of the #thearchers (@AdamSwayne on Twitter)

OK will open wine when The Archers starts. Might need it... @BBCRadio4 #thearchers #archers (@CaroleAnnRice on Twitter)

Here's my pick of listener discussions on The Archers message board, Twitter and Facebook between 18-20 May

On Thursday evening, Twitter and the message board lit up. "David, David, David" ... he's selfish; stupid! And Elizabeth Pargetter so "foul". Should David Archer leave it a week or so before sending the invoice over for the aerator hire? And will his daughter Pip have to rethink her summer job?

Oh my god. Most dramatic episode of #thearchers EVER. Elizabeth was well harsh!!!! (@GoodEggFoodie on Twitter)

#thearchers Just heard last night's episode. Gordon Bennett - David's torn it! Surely the dumbest thing he has EVER done. No reason for it. (@MishaGlenny on Twitter)

Much better than using the inquest to confess. It was a great surprise - I thought everything was back under the carpet and back to normal! I take back all I have said in the past! (Abby33)

That was a stonking performance from Alison Dowling. Started out piano and ended up fortissimo. Brava! Tim Bentinck was pretty good too. Nice sob at the end. (JustJanie - Fairweather Jogger)

She has the perfect voice for outraged indignant angry honest fury. I still giggled at the image of David cowering as if struck by a hurricane. (foxyboosh)

David, David, David ... What have you done?! You might end up with Lilly and Freddie after all. (Helen Nutter on Facebook)

All that after he'd done the grass too! #thearchers (@martin_hilton on Twitter)

Deeply satisfying. Roll on the hundred year war. (Stuart Pearce Badger)

Some were surprised to hear Elizabeth drive away from the picnic - did she think driving on private land didn't count? (Irene)

Read more on the message board: That was worth waiting for!

On Friday, it felt as if the audience was listening from behind the sofa...

Here we go. Brace yourselves #thearchers (@nixCab on Twitter)

Let the Fall of the House of Archer commence. (belledemidi)

Ruth's "hysterical" outburst caused a lot of debate - was it justified? And whilst a handful thought it was "overegged", most thought it was painfully realistic. David was almost universally seen as "remarkably selfish"

David's ruddy buttoned-up clenched-teeth self-regarding bull-headed martyrdom would make me want to push him downstairs. (Tadpole)

Ruth if I were you I'd just push David off the nearest high building or throw him in with the milk #thearchers (@sheilmcn on Twitter)

Ruth's desperation and panic was real and human and flawed. Lizard's was stage managed and melodramatic. Real pain is inarticulate. Ruth could see her whole life going down the tubes. Lizard has already faced that. (Babushka Lovski)

Going for a little lie down in a quiet room now. Bye. #Thearchers (@psalotti on Twitter)

Are you with or against Ruth? Have your say in the Blimey, Ruth is hysterical! thread.

The discussion about Peggy Woolley's relationship with Ted has been revived - is it appropriate? The majority of posters are pleased that Peggy's found a new interest and that she deserves a friendship outside of her caring duties.

Alzheimers has been described as the carer's disease and Peggy will be suffering (I, too, have close experience of this). Any opportunity for her to develop friendships and spend time with people other than Jack should be celebrated. (soobeehere)

I was watched elderly men and women dedicate their remaining days to the care of a a senile partner. Often they grow frailer and their health goes under the exhaustion and pressure. Is that what Peggy has to be doomed to? Because if so, her 'remaining days' might well be fewer than Jack's. (pollyanna)

What do YOU think? - tell us on the message board.

Over in Ambridge Extra, the focus of the conversation is still on Alice's flatmate, Chaz. There's also been some discussion of what series two might hold - could Ambridge Extra take a peek inside the Madikane household?

Have to say listening to Chas get what was coming to him this morning was the highlight of my train ride. Only problem was thinking that he would eventually take it out on Chris and Alice. (LogopolisMike)

I'm liking the idea of Jo'burg and the Madikane household family skeletons falling out of cupboards. (Sam)

The storylines are dark enough already, without the social problems of S. Africa possibly being thrown in as well. (Lakey Hill)

You can read Ambridge Extra synopses on the message board (with big thanks to the posters providing them!)

Tayler Cresswell is host of The Archers message board.


  • Comment number 1.

    That row was the only high spot between those two since January. Another high spot is to see Mischa Glenny commenting - as a non twitterer, may I say some of us older hands on the messageboards miss you.

  • Comment number 2.

    I've been waiting for this to blow-up since Nigel's death. Although David has been economic with the truth, at no time did he ever lie to Elizabeth. Nigel's death was a tragic accident and Nigel could have said NO to David at any time preceeding the accident. After all, Nigel is an adult and has the gift of choice, just like anyone else. He could have said NO to David - I know this wasn't in Nigel's nature, but the decision was his. Family feuds are ugly beasts which grow and thrive over time into overwhelmingly nasty, uncontrollable situations. Elizabeth is overwhelmed with grief and anger - understandably - and the circumstances of Nigel's death will be thrown up over and over again in the future. David will always get the blame for Nigel's death - it's human nature to blame someone for such a dreadful, tragic accident.

  • Comment number 3.

    Well, it's good to see from those selected comments about the picnic that *no-one* on the message board had anything to say about this being just the other shoe dropping with a storyline that jumped the Ambridge shark as VW's own unique way of 'marking' the 60th anniversary. All is well...

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Joe K

    My blog post is selective - I couldn't possibly hope to summarise all the views, discussions and posts on the message board. It is simply (as it says at the top of the post) my pick of listener discussions.


  • Comment number 5.

    It was bad enough having to put up with Nigels's demise. There is no chance that the loss of such a great character was worth a few extra listeners over the New Year. A cras decision.

    But to now have to put up with this crazy, irrational story line. I've had to deal with it by just reading the synopses as I just cannot listen to this toe curling rubbish. I might start listening again once matters between Elizabeth and David are settled for good - one way or the other.

    And doesn't Ruth have to take some responsibility here. She doesn't half blow with the wind. She wasn't exactly supportive of David in the early weeks when he was working hard at Lower Loxley. I've never much cared for her anyway.

    Oh for the days when this really was a comforting everyday story of country folk. Bring back Dora Saint!

  • Comment number 6.

    Tayler, obviously you have to select from among the huge number of messages, but I'd have to say this is a highly 'selective' selection, putting a far more positive spin on stories than what I've been reading on the message board and really glossing over any criticisms of the way things have been done in the programme. Have you been given instructions not to include comments which are critical of the programme, or has that been your own choice? Your selections in the past were somewhat more balanced, in my opinion.


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