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"Thank you David. That will be all" - Listener discussions from 17-23 March 2011

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 18:50 PM, Monday, 28 March 2011

Roy will soon have that dodgy LL printer sorted. No stopping him now. #Thearchers - Tweet from @psalotti

There was a collective sigh of relief after "last year's man" David Archer was replaced by "Super Roy" Tucker at Lower Loxley. And everyone's talking about Jamie Perks - particularly after he told his mum about Kenton Archer's new relationship with Jolene Perks. Plus is this year's Lent storyline "too predictable"? And what will Jim Lloyd pick for next month's book club? Some helpful message board folk have offered a few suggestions ...

Here's my pick of listener discussions between 17th and 23rd March on the message board, Twitter and Facebook.

Jamie's "sullen" and "disgraceful" behaviour has come under scrutiny along with Kathy's parenting. Was young Jamie being "spiteful" telling Fallon about Kenton's dalliance with Holly?

Vintage #archerspause tonight as Jamie drops the Kenton-Jolene bombshell on Kathy (@archelina on Twitter)

#thearchers nag nag nag nag nag - just leave him be Kathy. He's a teenager (@bluejude on Twitter)

Surely [Kathy] went away so that she could have a good cry? It was in the voice, I thought. (jennet_device)

Jamie is being brilliantly played at the moment, too - the teen sulkiness, surliness and general vileness can't be easy to pitch, but he's got it to a T. Definitely one of the more interesting developing storylines currently. (Gervase)

Have your say in the Jamie, now he has a reason... thread on the message board

There's been a huge debate about whether Fallon Rogers is interfering unnecessarily in her mother's love life. Or perhaps she's just looking out for her? If Kenton moves into The Bull, will Fallon be forced to move out? (Will she be able to stand all that smooching?)

Keep out of it, Fallon! It's none of your business! Your mum is an adult, and what does it matter if all she has is a brief fling with Kenton----or otherwise! I wouldn't want my daughter interfering with my middle aged love life--yuk! (Nemo399)

I really like Fallon, she seems the most sensible person of the four of them, and why should she not be protective of her mum, I hope my daughters would care as much. Fallon has always been a huge support and still is, no reason for such criticism IMHO, praise I think is due... (esmeandsebastiansgrannynic)

Where do you stand? Add your thoughts on the Keep out of it, Fallon! thread.

Once David had slunk back to Brookfield to be replaced by Roy as temporary manager at Lower Loxley, Ruth came in for some praise for her plain speaking. And there was a tinsy bit of sympathy for David - "last year's man"...

Enter SuperRoy! All efficiency and flattery. Elizabeth: "Yes, thank you, David, that will be all. Now, Roy..." (typewright)

Elizabeth being soooo dismissive to David. He kind of slunk away --- last year's man ... (The devil wears Burberry)

This was IMO the best part of the David's guilt SL so far. At least someone in TA is ready, after great patience, to speak plain common sense. Go Ruth! (Jacks Parakeet)

David definitely needs some help, either from the vicar, a good friend (does he have any?) or a therapist... I think we all get the point now, that he feels Lizzie needs him for the rest of his life. It is up to his family and friends to help him get it into perspective before we all die of boredom. (coaster)

I'd have tipped a bucket of some unmentionable cow fluid over his head. (Tadpole)

Read more on the David dismissed and the And furthermore, good for you, Ruth threads.

Eddie and Joe Grundy's Lent storyline has got many talking - but many on the message board say they find this one too "predictable".

Rice, puy lentils and brown sauce????? Are they having a laugh? I'm not. (Dusty Substances)

Funnily enough the dialogue around Eddie and Joe's food from Clarrie was clever in my opinion, great lengths have been gone to showing us how incredibly spoilt they are with mentions of full English's and great picnics. It's just the upcoming hilarious consequences that are going to spoil it for me. (Jigje)

Tell us what you think on the message board

And finally, what will Jim Lloyd choose for next month's book club? Something in Latin perhaps? A scholarly work?

A rare translation of Herodotus' History of the Pubic Wars,' that should get Neville interested. (Majorclanger)

Or of course it could be Jimus's autobiog 'I Jimus' that he puts forward, vanity copies at the ready. (irene)

I thought Jimus was quite sweet tonight though. He bought a bottle, engaged in lively chat and then stayed to help clear up. Good for him. (villageschoolmarm)

Add your suggestions on Jimbo's choice of book? thread

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