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"Nobody, but nobody sniffs like Lynda" - Listener discussions from 7 to 9 Feb 2011

Tayler Cresswell Tayler Cresswell | 22:49 PM, Friday, 18 February 2011

Twitter post: Someone give Carol Boyd a prize for acting. Linda Snell just inhales and you know how cross she is. #thearchers #bbcr4

Kate Madikane's "loathsome" rant, Roy Tucker's spine, Helen's beans on toast shocker, Lynda Snell's "excellent" sniff and Elizabeth Pargetter's mysterious trustees... here's my pick of listener discussions between 7-9 February 2011.

Kate Madikane has got everyone talking. Twitter and the message board lit up with posts about her on Monday 7th as they debated her motives and the effect of her dealings with Phoebe.

I am really hearting Roy right now - when he told Kate where to get off I was shouting "go on my son" at the radio! (Furious Scarlett)

Has it ever been heard before? The Katred actually saying sorry. Couldn't keep it up though, she was back on the offensive in the same breath. (Dr Toad Leg)

That was one of the nastiest bouts of malicious Katery that we have yet heard. I don't think she has been so unmitigatedly loathesome since before she dumped Phoebe and took off for the wide blue yonder, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief. (Chris Ghoti)

#Thearchers I love Phoebe. She is so ungrateful, selfish & coming along really well as a teenager. (@NGT67 on Twitter)

Blimey! Roy's got a vertebra! I wonder if it might develop into a whole backbone... (Freda Fry)

Nearly choked on my chips when Kate snapped 'you always have to bring it down to money, Roy'.. ha ha ha. Here's hoping Brian refuses to cough for this one. (Irene)

I think they were all always in a no-win situation. One can only make the best job of this bad scenario and they have made the very worst of it. Having said that as Solomon knew, the one who truly loved a child would let it go rather than hurt it. However, I'm sure Kate's total absence would also hurt Phoebe now Phoebe is older. I don't think any of them truly love Phoebe. Roy may love her most. (Furiouslocki)

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Questions have been raised about the Lower Loxley Trustees. Who are they? Has the trust been mentioned on air before? Why hadn't Elizabeth met its chair, Stephen Maidment? Does Elizabeth own any of Lower Loxley now? And with no new manager on the horizon, everyone felt that David Archer had well and truly shot himself in the foot...

Maybe Elizabeth is so poleaxed with grief that she takes as her due her brothers' current full-time and voluntary contribution to LL, but this is exactly the kind of delusional and irrational behaviour a board of trustees should be able to sniff out, and insist on rectifying. (TownieJane)

Oh dear - has David shot himself in the foot? #thearchers (@revenante on Twitter)

ok, open bets for Nigel not having done the trust fund paperwork properly..? #thearchers (@caracourage on Twitter)

Elizabeth has got her revenge on David over Brookfield at last: by tying him to LoLo she will ruin it. If she can't have it, no Archer can. (Jacks Parakeet)

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Helen serves beans on toast shocker! Many have called for an end to all the cooing over baby Henry. They're waiting (impatiently) for Helen's wake-up call...

Please ENOUGH. No more bloody baby dribble! #thearchers (@GervaseWebb on Twitter)

Helen may be a control freak but she's in panicky maternity, so be nice to her, it costs nothing. As Pat said, just relaxing and enjoying the baby is a good sign. She'll be a tiger mother soon enough, even if she isn't Chinese. (Rwth of the Cornovii)

It's so insulting that we are expected to believe in this transformation of Helen into a calm, relaxed, easygoing person tolerant of mess and willing to eat convenience foods. Yes, motherhood can and does change people, but not usually overnight and not to that extent. (Auntie Molly)

Seriously. I am amazed she drinks coffee. Was it decaff? (pollyanna)

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And finally... some "excellent sniffing" from Lynda Snell...

Yes, great episode. Lynda saying that she wasn't someone who placed much importance on status (oh, yeh?), excellent sniffing and good communication between her and Robert, who is a total star. (NotSoTinyTim)

Nobody, but nobody, can sniff like Lynda. (lemonsabotage)

...as for Lynda's sniffs, I particularly liked the very grand one with a perfectly timed pause before its delivery. Brilliant! (letmesay)

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