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"Real news" - listener discussions to 21 Nov 2010

Keri Davies Keri Davies | 09:59 AM, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

the archers message board

Helen's knee, change counting, Peggy's cats, voluptuous Sabrina Thwaite and a royal wedding... Here's the latest on The Archers according to the folks our message board and Twitter, in a round-up supplied by Archers message board host Tayler Cresswell.

Wednesday's topical inserts in the programme elicited plenty of comments on Twitter.

"I love it when they fetch real news in, beats any other soap" (@Dewinters)

"Turned on #thearchers tonight and got the news ....read by Peggy" (@JamesDMcConnell)

"Good lord, #thearchers is more topical than #thenewsquiz. I bet Will & Kate are pleased that Peggy approves #bbcradio4" (@CelloSuze)

And on the subject of weddings, many on The Archers' message board think that Clarrie Grundy will be delighted at the prospect of a royal wedding, particularly after giving her sons, Edward and William royal names!

"She will have an opportunity to wear her new pashmina!"

There are plenty of Helen Archer threads on the message board, with much speculation about her bad knee - what does it mean for the storyline? Is she overdoing it so much that she'll lose her unborn baby? (Or is it Emma Grundy who will have problems with her pregnancy, which will bring warring brothers Will and Ed closer together?)

Helen's mum, Pat, comes in for some stick on the message board with many criticising her softly-softly approach to Helen's inability to relax and take it easy. There are plenty of pleas for Pat to:

"DO SOMETHING FOR GOODNESS SAKE instead of pretending everything is all right!"

Sometimes it's the little things in The Archers that delight - Tuesday night's

"oodles of change counting"

in The Bull was

"the best I've heard in ages"

according to Eileen on the message board.

"Not only did we have all the clinking and jangling of the most wonderful change-counting, but it was supplemented by loud purring by Bill, who continues to perplex Peggy. And Nathan Booth was quite a star too. It's always a bonus when a silent plays a major role in an episode."

And Gayer-AndersonCat admitted, "I was in our local haberdasher's shop (yes, we do actually have one) recently, buying wool to knit the lanes of Ambridge [for Mustardland's knitted map of Ambridge], and the assistant actually counted my change as she put the coins in my hand! I didn't really feel I could tell her why I was grinning so much, so I just let her think I was a naturally happy person."

Read the whole thread

This week's favourite line? Jazzer McCreary's

"St Clarrie of the Perpetual Ironing Board"

is a strong contender. Some wonder whether it was inspired by Hazel Woolley's:

"Saint Peggy of the Tea Urn"

from a few years ago.

And now that silent character Sabrina Thwaite has a part in the panto, some are wondering what she looks like? Samantha from I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue? Or a rival for Joan from Mad Men? What do you think?

Tayler Cresswell is the host of The Archers message board



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