Maggie Shiels

Tap Tap is Tops

  • Maggie Shiels
  • 8 Apr 09, 08:30 GMT

The very addictive Tap Tap Revenge, that involves users tapping through beats or shaking their device along with the music, has made history by becoming the most downloaded of all the 15,000+ apps in the App Store.

Screengrab of Coldplay gameIn its first AppStore penetration survey, comScore Inc reports that one out of every three apps downloaded by the 15 million strong user base is the one developed by Palo Alto company Tapulous. comScore says this is a big deal for a smaller developer.

"It's impressive that a game like Tapulous's Tap Tap Revenge can attract a higher penetration among Apple app users than apps for larger more established brands," said comScore's vice president Brian Jurutka.

"Tap Tap's success demonstrates that there is ample opportunity in the app space for any publisher to obtain significant distribution with a product that engages users."

For Tapulous this all equals dollars in the bank.

Bart Decrem who is the CEO says: "With such a large base having already installed the free version of the product, converting even a small portion into paid versions using premium content represents significant revenue upside."

The company's next premium product will involve the seven time Grammy award-winning band Coldplay.

Facebook came in as the fourth most popular app with MySpace at number seven.

The comScore survey also illustrates the importance of games to devices like the iPod Touch and iPhone. Twelve out of 25 of the most popular mobile apps were games including the old favs like Hangman and Pac-man.



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