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Your questions for EA

  • Darren Waters
  • 13 Mar 08, 10:44 GMT

EA is very keen to buy Take Two - and why not, the publisher has a great portfolio of titles, like Bioshock, and tremendous relationships with developer studios.

But there has been concern about this level of consolidation in the industry - what is the impact on innovation, on variety etc...

I'm expecting to speak to an EA executive later today about the firm's plans - so if there's a question or two you want to put to him or her, get it to me in the comments below.


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  • At 10:57 AM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • mark dooney wrote:

I would like to know if EA have any interest in developing new and unique franchises, with innovative gameplay as opposed to incrementing releases of the same game with minor adjustments tacked on for good measure?

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  • At 11:07 AM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Keir wrote:

Does does EA push ahead with buying more companies, yet fail to act in the woeful quality in standards of their current releases?

Each and every software release from EA has required multiple updates, some of which should have been fixed during eta or even Alpha testing.

Will EA agree that they do not listen to the consumer?
Will they agree that critical updates should be released more rapidly then they currently are?
Will the agree that more time shouild be spent on quality testing rather then pushing out substandard software?

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  • At 11:51 AM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Lawrence wrote:

I think it is good that EA want to expand, but i do think EA should concentrate more on support and updating already popular games, The new Medal of Honor was a awesome revelution for the Medal of Honor series however i don't think enough is done to support and keep interest for lovers of the older games in the series, this goes for Many other games like Battlefield. The Gaming community in many of these "obselite" games is still very much alive, and i think EA should help to keep it this way.

Any Suggestions EA ?

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  • At 11:56 AM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Daniel Waters wrote:

I'd be interested to find out how this takeover might affect EA's plans to increase their overall average review score to 80 - higher than the best publisher's average of 79.1 that Sony achieved for 2007.

Is this a risk-sharing strategy or a hope to grab some high-profile, high-scoring titles to boost EA's profile?

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  • At 12:11 PM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Neil wrote:

I want to know if EA is interested in Take Two because of their titles like GTA and Bioshock or because it would allow them to get rid of the 2k sports franchise, a major rival to EA sports.

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  • At 12:15 PM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Chris Guy wrote:

EA are not the only company buying up smaller companies, but the games industry is being strangled by a relentless output of franchise titles and sequals. When are EA going to take a risk and publish some innovative titles?
What happened to the creativity in the games industry ?

Ask them whether they'll ever fix the horribly unstable but absolutely beautiful Dungeon Keeper 2, no matter how old it may be now, and also whether they'll ever get resume development of the eagerly anticipated Dungeon Keeper 3.
The Dungeon Keeper series was a classic, and given the unforgivable demise of Bullfrog under EA I think they owe the gaming community something.

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  • At 12:59 PM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Mark wrote:

We've already seen a handful of groundbreaking games released over the past year - how are programmers getting to grips with the latest next gen consoles?
How much of the ps3/xbox360 power is being used at the moment and how do you see this increasing in the near future?

What's EA's opinion of the Wii. Will they be investing money and energy on games that take advantage of the unique controls, rather than tack on some "Wii Functionality" with their multi-console titles?

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  • At 02:55 PM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • JDEdward wrote:

Just two questions. Westwood Studios gave us two brilliant C&C Red Alert games. Is it likely that EA games will produce a third. I can not help thinking that if Westwood Studios had been left alone we would have had one and it would have been great.

The second is what assurances are EA going to give us that Take Two will not simply be consumed in the way it ate Westwood. Take Two has a great portfolio of games which have bright futures. Will these futures be as bright with EA capital but without the culture the games were developed in?

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  • At 03:42 PM on 13 Mar 2008,
  • Alan Addison wrote:

EA has some great games in their back catalogue. Do they have any plans to produce online versions of these games?

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