Darren Waters

Awaiting Apple

  • Darren Waters
  • 15 Jan 08, 15:59 GMT

The BBC hasn't got the budget to send anyone to San Francisco - and we don't accept free flights - so we're covering the keynote from London.

Luckily, the entire event is being beamed to journalists at TV Centre, so I only have to walk a few yards to attend.

We'll be rounding-up the key news on the BBC News website.

But if you really have to know the very second Steve Jobs utters anything newsworthy, you can't go far wrong visiting The Unofficial Apple Weblog's live updates or Engadget's always entertaining live blogging.

See you on the other side.


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  • At 04:52 PM on 15 Jan 2008,
  • Mark wrote:

Glad we need two topics on this overhyped load of nonsense.


iBBC or what?

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  • At 05:31 PM on 15 Jan 2008,
  • Mark wrote:

"iBBC or what?"

*laughs at above comment, then goes off to read 'MP accuses BBC chief of illegally championing Microsoft'*

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  • At 05:56 PM on 15 Jan 2008,
  • Keith M wrote:

I start by saying I am not an apple man, I have no apple products, no ipod, iphone, mac etc, but... bbc has no money to send anyone to SF? I guess no interview with Steve Jobs then, unlike Bill at ces. How many went to vegas last week? The key news from apple is going to be on the bbc website you say, but surely all that can be there is regurgitated from others. Maybe ces could have been covered just by pulling in other's blogs too, that would save us licence money? No, you wouldn't do that would you. Why did bbc not split budget send smaller team to ces and perhaps a radio reporter with with digital camera and minidisc recorder to apple? Or use a bbc reporter with a US TV station's camera team on day contract? coverage of ces seemed low considering how many went so very disappointed not to have something actually from macworld.

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  • At 06:19 PM on 15 Jan 2008,
  • Adrien wrote:


Goes off to read extensive coverage of CES

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  • At 09:00 PM on 15 Jan 2008,
  • Mark wrote:

You could actually read the first line of the post which was the point, guys.

Which, if it went over your heads, was that there's no need to have multiple topics on one company's marketing initiative.

Just so you know.

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  • At 11:13 AM on 18 Jan 2008,
  • brad wrote:

There is nothing newswothy this year. Lets get the BBC helping the planet NOT harming it by using a lovely thing called technology and live video feeds... We need to weigh up the costs of covering a software update to the cost of the planet. Really.

I am an Apple fan, but i think they are going to have to really break the bank in order to really out do last years announcements.

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