Anger management

  • Jon Kelly
  • 14 Oct 08, 07:18 PM GMT

LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA: A quick fuel stop en route to New York. There weren't any opportunities to chat to anyone, but I grabbed a copy of the local paper to scan on the bus.

Today's Lebanon Daily News didn't carry much on the campaigns, save for an item about Joe Biden stumping in his native Scranton with the Clintons in tow. But the letters page was a different story.

It looked like my hopes in Gettysburg that the election might take a calmer tone weren't being realised. "I wonder how many American can support for president a man who has listened for 20 years to the sermons of an America-hating preacher," fumed Kathy Horst of South Annville.

C. Robert Rose of Lebanon, meanwhile, raged against "conservatives who constantly use Jesus and religion" to drum up support, insisting that "such pandering results in greed, fear, criminal transgressions and ethical collapse".

At least Karl Kohr, of the same parish, had an even-handed message. The idleness of politicians from both parties was, he said, to blame for the current economic mess. "Vote them out in November," he thundered.

There's a lot of anger out there. It's not going away between now and 4 November.


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    Certainly there's anger out there among some people who fix on the Reverend Wright matter as a reason to oppose Obama, but is it "a lot"? A Letters to the Editor sample is highly selective. The people most motivated to write are those with the strongest feelings on the issue.

    I believe that Reverend Wright has hurt Obama's candidacy, but I can't say how much.

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    I have never felt more angrier at the government and conservatives as I have been this election cycle. I am mad that our country has been cycling the drain because of an atmosphere that has been allowed to germinate because of extreme right ideology. I am mad and I will only be calmed when I vote and when this election winds down. I know just how these people feel. And on Nov 4th, we will get the job done that was started two years ago.

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    Good insights, Jon.

    You are so right, a lot of anger out there, and some days, some of it is mine!

    Funny, some days I think I visit here to process the frustration in writing, and in the context of other people's thoughts.

    Hope you're still enjoying your journey.

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    I think alot of anger comes the fear folks have. I'm enjoying your blogs Jon.

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    Jon, you are right. There is all sorts of anger out there. The election itself will not wash it away.


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