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Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa

Stuart Bailie | 17:59 UK time, Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Here's a picture of myself and Nile Rodgers, mainstay of Chic, associate of Sister Sledge and producer pal of Madonna, Bowie, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and INXS. We met briefly at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast in September 2010 when he was delivering the keynote speech at the start of Belfast Music Week. The chap was in astonishing form that day, theoretically in conversation with Radio Ulster's Paul McClean, but actually just riffing on his own agenda, shamelessly name-dropping and telling the most wonderful accounts of disco's heyday, a life of extremes and even some anecdotes about working with Van Morrison.

nile rodgers

Only days later, he was diagnosed with cancer and he took to blogging from New York about that particular experience with much soul and scattershot memories of absent friends. To be honest, I supposed that his remarkable resilience was perhaps used up. But great joy - the man is back in Belfast with a biography and with the legendary Chic. The book will be promoted with a free question and answer session at the Stiff Kitten tomorrow (Wednesday 1 August) at 6.30pm. Later that night, 'Le Freak' will prevail at the Mandela Hall. How can it not be great? Big fun, to be had by everyone.


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