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Playlist 30.04.12

Stuart Bailie | 09:54 UK time, Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dr Carl Jung, the wayward psychologist, thought about flying saucers a fair bit. He supposed that they were in part a reflection of internal psychic states. During the rampant insecurity of the Cold War, when things seemed perilous and broken, there was a yearning for some outside intervention, the UFO landing that would lead us away from the chaos into a more groovy, Aquarian age. Dame David Bowie was no slouch either, and his many songs about space and aliens were also about archetypes and psychic adventure. 'Starman' is a great one in that the contact seems to have been made, both parties have been primed, but there's still a worry that the full encounter will effectively melt the Earthling's mind. The interstellar message seems to be that the young people will facilitate the meeting of cultures, so long as they "sparkle". What better anthem could the glam kids ask for? Let all the children boogie.

David Bowie - Starman (RCA)
Little Comets - Jennifer (Dirty Hit)
Ben Kweller - Mean To Me (Noise)
Jack White - Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy (XL)
Grimes - Be A Body (4ad)
Rufus Wainwright - Rachida (Polydor)
Farriers - The Fires Burn (white)
The Hives - Go Right Ahead (Sony)
Paul Weller - That Dangerous Age (Island)
Amadou And Miriam - Dougou Badia (Because)
Michael Kiwanuka - I'll Get Along (Communion)
Stone Roses - Waterfall (Silvertone)
St Etienne - You're In A Bad Way (Heavenly)
Ben Kweller - Full Circle (Noise)
The Farriers - So Long As I Can Stay (white)
The Chieftains, Carolina Chocolate Drops - Pretty Little Girl (Universal)
The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral (Aural Apothecary)
Ben Glover - War To Believe (white)
AM and Shawn Lee - City Boy (ESL)
Punch Brothers - Kid A (Nonesuch)
Duke Special - Punch Of A Friend (Reel To Reel)
John Greenway - Talking Guitar Blues (Righteous)
Glen Campbell - Strong (Surfdog)
Ben Glover - Uncomplicated (white)
Flying Burrito Brothers - Sin City (A&M)
Rufus Wainwright - Candles (Polydor)


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