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The Band, The Name, The Song

Stuart Bailie | 10:40 UK time, Monday, 12 March 2012

Does everybody know the connection between Bing Crosby and heavy metal? Why of course, the pipe-smoking crooner had a famous hit with a song called 'Deep Purple'. A bunch of English long-hairs settled on the title after a short-lived dalliance with the name Roundabout. Apparently Ritchie Blackmore's grandmother lived in hope of the boys playing a version of the Bing tune. Alas, no.
In the second half of tonight's show, Reggie Chamberlain King and myself will uncover the tradition of bands naming themselves after a famous lyric or song title. David Bowie helped to deliver The Kooks, Simple Minds, Warzawa (early Joy Division) and possibly David Sylvian. Lou Reed was godfather to The Waterboys and Holly Johnson. Famously, Muddy Waters sang about being a Rollin' Stone and Leonard Cohen was strangely complicit with the Sisters Of Mercy.
My favourite is probably crypto-glam act The Jook. They had taken their name from Gene Chandler's 'Duke Of Earle' and in turn, their minor hit 'Ooo Ooo Rudi' was a perfect throwdown for the most excellent Belfast punk band Rudi. Round and round it goes...


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