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Carols Calling

Stuart Bailie | 14:40 UK time, Monday, 19 December 2011

The ATL carol programme is one of the great occasions on Radio Ulster. Some of the acts play it straight, others look for the wondrous dimension and a few are chiefly barmy. Two years ago, A Plastic Rose recorded the Mud classic 'Lonely This Christmas', graced by a Hugo Duncan talkover in the middle. Uncle Shugs knows how to work a sentimental mood and the result is oddly affecting.

This year, the prize must go to runaway GO, who found a fresh aspect to 'Fairytale of New York'. You might have felt that the drama of the song was all used up, but Fiona and the gang have taken it elsewhere. Meantime, Rams Pocket Radio has taken liberties with Prokofiev and Katherine Philippa is ablaze on 'White Christmas'.

If you missed the show last Monday, then there's a change to reprise some of these on my December 19 programme. Rigsy from ATL will be with me to talk over some of the highlights. There's also a stash of other exclusive recordings, including a must-hear performance of 'Stay' by Cashier No. 9.


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