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Pete Was Here

Stuart Bailie | 18:14 UK time, Friday, 16 September 2011

I'm doing the day job when there's a noisy altercation outside the office. Terri Hooley has entered, with a film crew, a bottle of red wine and a tall gentleman who reveals himself as Pete Doherty, sometime Libertine, partner of Kate Moss and stand-alone troubadour. He's as tall as I'd suspected and seems to be in awe of the Belfast record shop boss.

Sorry if most of my blogs seem to have a Hooley reference these days - I seem to be the James Boswell to his Samuel Johnson. But there's a crazy amount of energy about the guy, as his life is filmed and he seems intent of carving out a few more chapters before the year is out.

I show Pete around the Belfast Music Exhibition and he's very taken by Mickey Bradley's Undertones jacket. He wants it. He also offers to play a gig in the venue some time. Then I show him the Strummerville rooms upstairs and he's rightly excited to see the reproductions of Joe's old notebooks.

Pete talks about his childhood days in Lisburn (dad was in the army and stationed here). There are some conversations that I can't report and then a bedraggled story about a night in a hotel corridor in Germany with Amy Winehouse, a pool of urine and some rather angry Berliners.
Then the entourage is off, headed for friends in the Commercial Court area. There are gigs tonight, filming assignations and expectant fans. We hope they will not be disappointed.


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