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Written Off

Stuart Bailie | 17:04 UK time, Saturday, 20 March 2010

Yesterday, they debated the future of music journalism at SXSW. The conclusion wasn't especially cheery. The dead tree media of old is in a poor way, with circulation figures dropping, magazines folding and bands cutting out the press completely, talking to the fans direct. Blogging is also taking away that former prestige and pay rates are plummeting. I know, I'm breaking your heart...

And so various panellists working for the likes of Village Voice and Rolling Stone tried to figure the future. As with the music industry, there's a feeling that this volatile time may eventually deliver something new. So the advertiser-supported model may die, but maybe paywalls will provide. Another idea is pledge-to-pay in which a writer identifies a good story and his or her supporters raise the capital. Odd but possible.

Christopher T Weingarten reviewed 1000 albums by Twitter last year. He then commissioned some artwork, got the reviews typed up on an old-fangled typewriter and sold this rum idea as a limited edition art project. Now that's creative...



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