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Playlist 15.03.10

Stuart Bailie | 11:25 UK time, Tuesday, 16 March 2010

John Grant used to sing with The Czars, a beautiful act from Denver with too many critical bouquets and not so many record sales. I recall a stunning gig at Auntie Annies in Belfast when John was putting every fibre of his humanity into the show. But two guys stood in front of him and talked loudly and pointlessly throughout the gig.
A few people approached the pair and asked them to move further back, but they only became louder and more stubborn. It was infuriating and you could see John's involvement in the event sapping away. Eventually, he just walked off the stage, explaining that he couldn't manage it any more. I was ashamed for Belfast that night.

Happily, the guy has sustained his art and he's made a solo bid with an album called Queen Of Denmark. His backing band are Midlake and they deliver all the 70s accoutrements into the mix. At times it sounds like Harry Nilsson, but elsewhere there's a flaming pain that recalls Nina Simone at her most regal. Its a formidable record.

Playlist 15.03.10

Bad Company Cant Get Enough Of your Love (Island)
Gizelle Smith - Hold Fast (Legere)
Wilco - Outta Mind Outta Sight (Reprise)
John Shelley And The Creatures - Fools (JSC)
Solomon Burke - Don't Tell Me What A Man Wont Do For A Woman (Rounder)
Erland And The Carnival - You Don't Have To Be Lonely (Full Time Hobby)
Sandy Shaw - Your Time Is Gonna Come (Harmless)
Villagers - Becoming a Jackal (Domino)
Duke Special - River Chanty (Reel To Reel)
John Grant - Where Dreams Go To Die (Bella Union)
Galaxie 500 - Tell Me (Domino)

Part Two

Eddie Cochran - Nervous Treakdown (T Bird)
Joe Echo - Wonderful Way (white)
Danny And The Champions - Restless Feet (Loose)
Grand Drive - A Ladder To The Stars (Loose)
Danny And The Champions - Henry The Van (Loose)
Bad Company - Shooting Star (Island)
John Grant - TC and Honeybear (Bella Union)
The Chieftains, Ry Cooder The Sands Of Mexico (Blackrock)
Skip Moses - Car Song (white)
Tracy Thorne - Oh The Divorces (Strange Feeling)
Steve Mason - Lost and Found (Double Six)


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