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This Is Radio Ash

Stuart Bailie | 10:03 UK time, Monday, 25 January 2010

Tonight on the Late Show, a co-present with Tim Wheeler, author of many Ash classics, including a couple of number one albums and 18 top 40 singles. He's always been an affable soul and when he gets to talking about his favourite music, he's particularly vital. Starting at 11pm, Tim will be playing tunes by The Stooges, Bowie, The Arcade Fire, The Beach Boys, Teenage Fan Club, Nirvana and more.

Back in 1995, Tim gave me a lift in his mother's car from Donegal to Belfast and it was a treat to hear how the teenage contender was feeding his ears on punk rock, Sixties girl groups and new-fangled rock and roll. He's never relented from those essential principles, and when he introduces 'Baby I Love You', a song originally recorded by The Ronnettes and later covered by The Ramones and re-produced by Phil Spector, you can tell that his world has been beautifully connected. Not to be missed.



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