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Farewell Fridays

Stuart Bailie | 09:06 UK time, Friday, 2 October 2009

Here it is then, my last Friday evening on the radio. I'm swiftly moving to the 10pm slot on Mondays, starting Oct 5. I guess the atmos will be different, but the consolation is being sandwiched between Rigsy and Stephen McCauley. That's an interesting way to get the week moving.

I hope some of my parish will make the move, or at least follow the flow on demand. Over the years I've gathered an interesting composite picture of the Friday listener... finishing the carry out, opening a bottle of something refreshing, putting the kids to bed, rolling a fat one, lounging in the bath, or possibly breakfasting in New Zealand. Some pals say that Mondays are actually better radio nights as the social diary is less demanding.

But if you've a message or a request for tonight, fire it in.


  • Comment number 1.

    Aye Stuart - sometimes all of the above! Well maybe not the breakfast in New Zeland. Have really enjoyed your Friday show and will catch some of the monday slot for sure!

    You have to play some Manics and your choice will be better informed than mine. Another couple of possibilities:

    Andy Whyte - Me, The Moon, My Car and You

    Bruce Springsteen - My ride's here


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