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Rocking At Eagle's Rock

Stuart Bailie | 08:51 UK time, Monday, 27 July 2009

Saturday was our sixth annual visit to the Glasgowbury festival in the Sperrin Mountains. As ever, the scenery was ace, the volume was raised and this time around, the event sold out. That's quite an achivement for Paddy Glasgow and the firm. There was no fancy headliner and the weight was carried by a succession of local acts, many of whom were also regulars to the fest and who have grown in parallel to the gig.

Visitors like The Mighty Stef brought in some fresh aspects, while on the big stage LaFaro roared and Mojo Fury made a virtue out of colliding riffs and intelligent design. I enjoyed the fever of Black Bear Saloon, who convinced the audience to hail them like conquering heroes and then lived up to that conceit.

The Jane Bradfords also gave it a momentous bid for grandeur. Deci was lying on his back, croaking with majestic effect as the band peeled off the glowering chords. But there was another side show at the front of the stage - the young lovers who snogged relentlessly throughout the set. It was spectacular, unselfconscious stuff, and soon there was a crowd around the pair, taking photos and making home videos on their phones. After a while, people began to pose beside them, maing rude and amusing gestures. But nothing could cool that passion.

They were still at it when Cashier No 9 came on for a enthralling turn. Still the kissy-face, the lumbering embrace, the enthusiasm. They can doubtless watch the highlights on YouTube. Proof, if needed, that Glasgowbury is about more than the music.


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