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Tucker's Luck

Stuart Bailie | 16:22 UK time, Saturday, 23 May 2009

It was all going off in east London the other night. The streets of Hoxton were party to the Stab & Dagger festival, causing the many bars and clubs to find succour in new music. And it was at the Queen Of Hoxton on Curtain Road that I saw the Japanese artist Tucker in amazing effect. He was playing cool jazz and classical, punk rock and plenty of hip hop. When the decks weren't being manipulated, we would play an old Fender Precision bass, or he'd jab at the clunky keyboard called an Electone. You'd suppose that Tucker had been influenced by the Mo' Wax sound and it's no surprise to find out that he's mates with Money Mark.

Near the end of the night, he sprays the keyboard with lighter fluid and sets the instrument on fire, before he perfects a handstand on top. Everyone is smiling. 'He mangles the 'Sesame Street' theme, just for the child-like joy of it all.

genki200.jpgThe event is called 100% Genki and it also showcases the melodic beats of De De Mouse and the rumble of 80Kids, who rampage like CSS in a funk-fuzz manner. We finish with Riddim Saunter, fond fans of ska music and who play 'Big Yellow Taxi' in the style of Rancid.

There are some familiar faces involved in this, such as Jason Mayall from the Smash corporation, who deliver the Fuji Rock festival, plus my new mates from the Strummerville organisation. Sushi is being served, the Samurai FM DJs are here somewhere and Japanese beer is on the house. A happy one.


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