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Gotta Hear This, #10

Stuart Bailie | 18:56 UK time, Tuesday, 17 February 2009

plush.jpgBack in 1994 there was a great single and an astounding B side. Yes, bubs, it was a seven inch record, smartly dressed, primed to excite the soul. But in a reluctant, indie kind of way. The author was Liam Hayes from Chicago, sometime pal of Will Oldham and Royal Trux. With a deal of arch vanity, he called himself Plush. The release appeared on the Drag City label and while 'Three Quarters Blind Eyes' was designated track to play, the word soon spread that you really had to listen to the darkside, 'Found A Little Baby'.

And so we did, often and earnestly. It became a kind of anti-anthem in the NME office as the melancholics would swoon to the French horn parts and the weary vocals. This was the kind of record that encouraged cub hacks to type "hauntingly beautiful" onto their Mac Classics, like they had just invented the phrase. The older fellas were thinking of Jimmy Webb, Alex Chilton and Dennis Wilson, those other nabobs of despondency. In short, this was a song for swinging saddos.

Plush might have been successful. But the records that followed were infrequent and contrary. Liam had a cameo role in High Fidelity, playing piano. He is still a regular name-drop in those winsome conversations between senior music writers with few friends, too much vinyl and the compulsion to anchor every emotion to a charmingly obscure record.


  • Comment number 1.

    aaahhh....great tune.

    funny enough i subsequently purchased the More Becomes You LP but the vinyl had a slight bulge on one side. My record player allowed only just enough clearance for a regular 12" and alas the bulge scuppered my listening pleasure.

    That was years ago....I still haven't heard that record - any good Stu?

  • Comment number 2.

    Ah Plush..... That tune is still amazing. Hayes is still producing music - there is supposed to be a new album out this year. A label called Broken Horse re-released a 2002 album of his called "Fed" last year, where Hayes played out his Isaac Hayes and Burt Bacharach fantasies. Very lavish and strung out.


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