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Pot Shots

Stuart Bailie | 16:16 UK time, Friday, 14 November 2008

I've had mixed opinions about The Tin Pot Operation. I like my Belfast punk rock as much as anyone else, but the TPO have delivered in in a rather lumpen fashion in the past. Some of their songs have felt more like committee meetings than rock and roll parties. And if you listen back to your Redskins, your SLF, Specials and Public Enemy, you suspect that this agitation business can be fun also.

Happily, the band's new recordings are more potent and are furious in all the right ways. The outstanding track is called 'Sitting There' which seems to rage about a kind of paralysis in our city, away from the shopping centres, the big wheel and the venal parade. There's a mood that gets me thinking of Stiff Little Fingers on 'Inflammable Material', particularly their version of 'Johnny Was'. It's a kind of molten hopelessness, a feeling that ultimately, no-one here gets out alive.

Anyway, Anto and the firm have now delivered a video for said song. I think it matches pretty well with the lyric.



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