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It's Gonna Happen...

Stuart Bailie | 21:39 UK time, Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tomorrow morning I will be a the Whitla Hall, Belfast, taking part in an event called NI Music: The Way Forward. It's organised by NIMIC and the day will be spattered with appearances from local folk that have done well in the music biz.

Feargal Sharkey will delivere a keynote speech in his new role as poobah royale of UK Music. I'll bet he swears a lot. I'm hoping to see old acquaintances like Paul Brannigan from Kerrang and Alan Ferris of Smalltown America and Jetplane Landing renown, plus Harry from Domino, who seems like a decent chap.

My section includes gabbing with journalists about their favourite songs, productions and live bands. It won't be the hardest gig I've ever done, but at 11am, the brain may not be at maximum potential. Will I be able to talk at length about 'Madame George', The Sabres Of Paradise and 'You Love Us'? Hey, I'll try.


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