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Man The Lifeboat

Stuart Bailie | 13:48 UK time, Monday, 8 October 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpgAnother top event at The Lifeboat in Belfast last Saturday. It’s not exactly a club but a great deal more than a bar with excellent tunes. Do they have a word for something like this? Whatever, we had much fun and the unseasonably fine weather meant that everyone stood outside and socialised with gusto.

As ever, the music was delivered with care from David Holmes and Stuart Watson. I especially loved ‘Cheree’ by Suicide, plus Bowie’s wondrous ‘A New Career, A New Town’. And there was a special poignancy to hear ‘Decades’ from Joy Division, a lament for the young men and their weighty lives. Many of the people at this session have outlived the intensity of youth, but that doesn’t mean the music fails to touch them. Oh and that new Panda Bear album is awesome.

Terri Hooley was there, bear-hugging and sentimental with the brandy. Gary Lightbody was enthusing about the Burning Codes performance earlier in the night, one of the many Oxjam gigs in town. David Holmes and a core of Sugar Sweet veterans were keeping the faith while Ciaran McMenamin and Ciaran Gribben were making new pals.

shadows.jpgInside, the big screen was showing the 1959 movie from John Cassavetes, Shadows. Without the dialogue, the improvisations were even stranger. By the end of the night, Performance was spinning its garbled route and Belfast’s more discerning barflies were grinning relentlessly.

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