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Peter's Friends

Stuart Bailie | 15:57 UK time, Thursday, 20 September 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpgThe increasingly bold Duke Special team is pushing for a chart placing this Sunday, and so they should. Their mailing list now extends to 11 000 enthusiastic souls, and they hope this if a good percentage of those people make an online purchase, then our friend Peter will be catapulted into the top end of the UK chart.

dukecover190.jpgEven better, the song deserves it. ‘Our Love Goes Deeper Than This’ is breezy and insistent – a tag team recording that finds Peter and Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy swapping vocals and vying to outbid each other in their declarations of love. Somewhere in the mix there’s the sound of Romeo from the Magic Numbers, while the song itself was co-written by Paul Wilkinson from The Amazing Pilots. That’s another part of the Duke Special method – to cement friendships in music and to continually widen the frame.

I think this modest little blog page can also do its part. So let’s all make that online purchase before Sunday. We can add some critical units to the placing, pushing the Duke above James Blunt, silly old Fergie, Rihanna and Phil Collins with his comedy gorilla.

You know, it’s practically a civic duty.

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  • At 05:07 PM on 20 Sep 2007,
  • Vivien Gleason wrote:

Totally agree! Two great talents on the one track! Just love Neil Hannon! Their two voices and styles are perfect to-gether! I always thought Duke's music and Neill Hannon's styles are both near(although not rip-offs) of each other. Two originals!

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