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We're All OK...

Stuart Bailie | 11:41 UK time, Saturday, 28 July 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpgOnce in a while, I come up with an interesting idea for an event. This is the fun part. The tricky stage is when you have to execute the cute little notion. And so the last few days have seen a considerable load of frenzy, getting ready for tonight’s launch of ‘Oh Yeah Computer’.

The plan is simple enough. We celebrate the tenth anniversary of Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ by getting local artists to recreate the album, track by track. We turn this into a fund-raiser for the Oh Yeah music centre, something that’s dear to my heart, a group project that’s been rising for the past 18 months. We run this together with the Trans music festival and hope that the public will care.

I’m not sure why this happened, by we’ve got a Polish version of ‘Fitter Happier’. Meantime Iain Archer is flying in from London to do ‘Subterranean Homesick Alien’ while Conor Mason is freshly back from Glasgow to perform ‘Exit Music’. The logistics of getting 12 tracks delivered in a short space to time is a challenge, but we’ve got a great team on the job, and the hope is that we don’t all tumble into Gordon Street after midnight, looking like scarey characters from the fearsome imagination of Thom Yorke.

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