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The Trotters Club

Stuart Bailie | 08:26 UK time, Friday, 27 July 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpg2007 is clearly the year of the Spiderpig. As soon as this fabled creature makes its appearance on The Simpsons Movie, the entire cinema audience breaks out in song, chorusing with Homer as he walks his porky pet along the ceiling. It’s such a profoundly daft moment, a tubby guy and his new pal, having a swell time.

Can he swing from a web?” Homer croons, before reaching the only honest conclusion. “No he can’t … he’s a pig”. The song is child-like and addictive and the return of this theme – orchestrated, at the end of the film, is an additional joy.

spiderpig170.jpgThe animal has its own appreciation page with nine thousand members, while You Tube is full of it. Sadly, the soundtrack isn’t available this side of the pond just yet, with the exception of Green Day busking out the theme tune, but hey it’s only £18 on import.

After watching Homer enjoying such intimacy with his lodger, combing his hair and stopping just shy of a kiss, you hope that the pairing returns in a fresh adventure. No matter that Maggie has spoken her first word, we want Matt Groening to go the whole hog.

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