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The Hills Were Alive...

Stuart Bailie | 11:02 UK time, Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpgSunday, 5am and some immense eejit is singing excerpts from The Sound Of Music in the middle of the Sperrin Mountains. He is one of the happy campers who have survived the chill night and the musical bounty that was the Glasgowbury Festival. One of his pals is bashing on some bongo drums and another keeps hollering the intro to ‘Ring Of Fire’ while sporadic Mexican cheers tumble from one side of the campsite to another.

Are we amused? Actually no. The Bailie family have decided to pitch our tent in the middle of this Bruegel landscape, awash with cider and insomnia. A group of deeply unfunny souls is trying to recreate the Monty Python sketch about the Knights who say “ni”. Can I kill them now, please?

Our only comfort is the memory of the previous day under Eagle’s Rock, where we thrilled to the music of Oppenheimer, Duke Special, Triggerman, Mojo Fury, Joe Echo, Henry McCullough and more. There were 1500 people on the site, elated to be involved in this pivotal event. The catering was basic and the portaloos were severely challenged, but still a magical thing took place.

Our chief recommendation for next year is that there are extra food vans and yes, a family camping site for people who would actually use their tents for restful purposes. It’s what they were designed for – right?

Stu Bailie presents The Late show on Radio Ulster, every Friday from 10pm until midnight. See his playlist here.

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