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Burning The Soundtrack

Stuart Bailie | 11:23 UK time, Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Stuart Bailie.jpgA few days with the family on the north-west coast demands a new summer soundtrack. This means we have to spend a few hours on the computer before we leave, burning the tunes of choice onto a series of CDs. The Bailie girls are rolling with Lily Allen, Snow Patrol and Natasha Beddingfield. I've managed to sneak in The Ramones, 'Come On Eileen', The Zutons and a few other esoteric tunes that may expand their musical interests.

We've also put together a CDs comprised entirely of songs that mention my children's names. You can go a long way with Lily and Rosie/Rosalie, but Betsy has send us scurrying to the obscure parts of the Beach Boys and Nora Waterson catalogues. That said, the only Stuarts I know are in a a very obscure Dead Milkmans' song and Led Zeppelin's 'Boogie With Stu'...

Anyway, thanks to i-tunes, each compilation has a bespoke sleeve, showing a family member doing something daft. And we're currently listening to a freshly burnt CD that gathers together 16 Duke Special rareties, live tracks and B-sides. He's singing songs made famous by Marc Almond, Nina Simone and Brian Wilson. There are excellent songs recorded at the Ulster Hall and the Empire, while we've even found vintage versions of songs, put together when he was in Booley House and Benzine Headset. Excuse us now, 'cause we're gonna freewheel...

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  • 1.
  • At 11:07 AM on 04 Jul 2007,
  • connor wrote:

I have done a few child friendly compilations myself in my time. The only problem is once you have played nothing else in the car for a month their attraction starts to fade a little...
At least you have several to rotate!

  • 2.
  • At 04:29 PM on 08 Jul 2007,
  • Vivien Gleason wrote:

Glad the girls have such great taste in music! Let's hope they don't discover the Spice Girls this time around. I remember the embarassment of our daughter discoverin Bros.! However, it doidn't last(neither did they)!

  • 3.
  • At 11:25 AM on 16 Jul 2007,
  • Stuart Bailie wrote:

Well, the customised Duke Special was on heavy rotation as we hurtled through the summer rainstorms. Our collective fave was Peter singing the Nina Simone tune 'Ain't Got No / I Got Life' with the perky clarinet solo, courtesy of Ben Castle, son of Roy. Pure tonic!

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