Week 8: Friday Feeling

Friday 23 November 2012, 15:50

BBC Strictly James BBC Strictly James Online Team

Last week’s Wembley show has been and gone.  Now, our celebrities must think of themselves as ‘dancers’ if they want to lift the glitterball trophy.

Last Saturday saw: Louis stutter, Victoria stall, Michael excel, Lisa rise and Nicky nearly leave. This week will prove crucial as Denise sits on top of an ever-changing pile, with Dani and Kimberley eagerly trying to take the no. 1 spot.

Tomorrow is a big day as some couples are looking to maintain their form, and others are trying to find it. See who seems nervous ahead of Saturday’s live show and let us know what you think.

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How is our Strictly family feeling now the competition has heated up?


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    Comment number 1.

    ♥ Good Luck to all the teams ♥

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    Comment number 2.

    Good evening all,

    Well it's back to the BBC studio tomroiw for week 8 and over the past couple of weeks some couples weaknesses and strengths have been seen.

    For me Nicky and Karen Louis and Flavia, Denise and James and Vincent and Dani rate as my top 4 this week.

    Micheal and Natalie have been stepping it up over the past few weeks but can they keep this winning form going.

    For me as stated the couples in danger this week have to be Lisa and Robin and Victoria and Brendan.

    Okay Lisa is the viewers band judges favourites but she has such an impossible dance in the rumba every bit of hip rotation, footwork, and timing will be dissected granted it is the most boring of all the dances and okay Robin is a great choreographer but with this dance there is no where to hide and for me it is going to be mission impossible for Lisa and Robin and they are going to be relying on viewer votes this week.

    Victoria and Brendan personally I think it is their time to go because it's been seen over the past few weeks and being blunt Victoria has no dancing ability I just can't bring myself to warm to her she is a great cyclist and did fantastically well for Team UK at this years Olympics in London but like Artem with Fern I have a feeling Brendan feels this as far as he can go with Victoria because I feel they are going through the motions.

    But I have a feeling it may not be Lisa's night they will need a miracle to progress through to next week.

    Keeeeeeeeep Dancing

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    Comment number 3.

    Evening Fergal, did you see ITT this evening ? Few more snap shots of the training so far . Should be a really good evening on Saturday . The usual suspects looking good , although for me , Louis was still not tucking his ( very pert ) behind in and thrusting out his chest enough...come on boy ! You can do this !
    Agree as earlier in the week ; Lisa will find this a toughie , just not her dance and Victoria ? I am afraid I am yet to see a dance that is :(

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    Comment number 4.

    Sadly I have to miss the live tx this week so will have to catch up on i-player and I won't be able to vote. Bit sad to see Louis rather cowed on ITT, with Flavia doing all the talking and him deferring to her. They've certrainly knocked the stuffing out of him! Shame - because he doesn't come out with the platitudes and cliches that most of them do. His take is refreshingly original. Agree with 3 - Louis's stance far too flat footed and upright. Hasn't she shown him videos and pictures of matadors? Pity that there's absolutely no chemistry between those two. I don't think Flavia even likes Louis very much. She thought she was going to win and now she doesn't believe it anymore ...

    But those El Divo boys got it right. The musical choices are weird and mostly unhelpful to the dancers. How can Louis dance a Pasa Doble to a Michael Jackson track with all the vibres that MJ's music gives to someone of his generation? It's a hindrance.

    But Michael and Zoe were given New York, New York for a Broadway routine to end the show and have this week been given a fabulous track for their Argentine Tango, which is a stunning dance. He's certainly putting in the hours and she's great but I think this couple are being subtley promoted and may find themselves in the final.

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    Comment number 5.

    Boogieandroo @4 . Nail and head I would say about music choices.' We' have asked several times as to how / who chooses the music. I assumed it was the pros but can't believe it is now.....unless they have a 'death wish' !


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