Week 4: Strictly Does Halloween: Leaderboard

Saturday 27 October 2012, 21:30

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In a terror-filled night that saw witches, wizards and werewolves take to the floor, our celebrities faced their Strictly nightmares head on. Sid Owen slipped to the bottom of the table in an ectoplasm performance from Ghostbusters.

Rising from the dead heat of last week's dance off, Michael Vaughn triumphed with a score of 31, but it wasn't enough to beat Louis Smith, who zombie body-popped his way to the top with the Judges first 'nines' of the series with a terrifyingly good Tango.

Here are all our scores on the floors for Halloween Week...

ScoreBoard-Top-Half-still.jpg Scoreboard top ScoreBoard-Bottom-Half-Stil.jpg Scoreboard bottom




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    Comment number 1.

    i really liked tess daly dress tonight. does anyone no where i can get one similar

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    Comment number 2.

    It's a shame to see Fern and Artem so near the bottom of the leaderboard. I thought they performed well.

    Why have the team blogs been closed?

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    Comment number 3.

    Well it was a great show tonight well greatish some things were wrong.

    Brucie's withering on and awful jokes I can guess the punchlines they are so rubbish.

    Silly VT's and props made a comeback I mean was the training room footage from week 2 just to lull us all into a false sense of security but however as it's Halloween and it was the theme I'll forgive it.

    The Dave Arch Singers and Orchestra nothing wrong the orcheastra but for me some of the vocals were rather off key this evening which kind of hindered some of the couples having to play catchup with the band.

    Now for the dancing Micheal and Natalie found their mojo and rose from the ashes after last week's dance off and their quickstep was am-az-ing as was Louis and Flavia's tango had all the ingerdiants to make it 5 star and in all honesty I see this gent as a potential finalist if he plays his cards right.

    Lisa and Robin are still my favourites and the Charleston was fun and Lisa's entertaining and fun factor were there but for me as has been stated something was missing and for me energy and sharpness footwork could have been more sharper and also for me it just lacked energy but when CRH strenly crticised I thought here we go the 2 paddle is coming but it was a fair score he gave them 6 not perfect but fun and in all honesty I think they might have just done enough to get them over the finish line this week into next week.

    For me Fern and Artem and Sid and Ola same problem no wow factor I mean Sid and Ola there was plenty of hip movement but no enthuisiasm or no interest it was like he was doing a dress rehearsal just lacked energy and also if did not have much sex appeal for me.

    Fern and Artem simply put more fairy queen than killer queen Fern just didn't really pull off the scary effect for me I mean she tried to look menacing and evil but it was more a cheap pantomime evil for me and if they should get through to next week it will be Artem's sculpted chest that gets them through.

    So for me bottom two

    Sid and Ola definitley
    Fern and Artem or Richard and Erin simply because Richard's paso it was to camp to be taken seriously as a Paso.

    Going home if the right bottom two goes through to the dance off I can't call it.

    Keeeeeeeeeeep Dancing

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    Comment number 4.

    Also to the poster who suggested that the pros should dance to the late Micheal Jackson's Thriller does this poster have insider knowledge because if that's the case I might encourage my local betting shop to run a book on the punchlines in Brucie's jokes I'd make a killing.

    Keeeeeeeeeeep Dancing

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    Comment number 5.

    oh no oh no oh no that's not tango music at all and fancy trying to cha cha cha to that tuneless racket!! Thank goodness for That Old Black Magic it was worth battling through the other lot for that! All we can say is Keeeeeep tryyyyying BBC music directors


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