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Saturday 11 October 2014, 21:46

 BBC Strictly Jess BBC Strictly Jess Online Team

Tonight was movie night and we can’t wait for tomorrow’s sequel to see who makes the final cut. Until then, here’s a recap of what’s happened


This week our couples were scored out of 50 as Donny Osmond joined the show as guest Judge. Frankie and Kevin stole the show with the first 10 of the series from Donny for their powerful Paso, achieving a “Totally dynamic” from Craig, a “You are on fire” from Darcey, and a top of the table score of 45. Pixie and Trent followed closely behind with their beautiful Beauty and the Beast inspired Quickstep, which saw Pixie as the Belle of the ballroom, and Trent as a candlestick. (As you do.) Darcey complemented: “there wasn’t much wrong with it at all” receiving an overall score of 43. Just one point behind with 42 were astro-naughty Caroline and Pasha, who received an “almost perfect” from Bruno for their raunchy Rumba.


Episode 3: Scoreboard Top


Next on the Leaderboard are Jake and Janette who scored a naughty 40 for their Godfather themed Waltz, joint with Sunetra and Brendan who wowed the Judges with their American Smooth. Thom and Iveta followed with their naughty-cal New York Charleston which awarded them 38. A few points behind with a 35 are Karen and Mark who performed a Superman-inspired Paso Doble (which Bruno referred to as a “Paso Nuts”). Despite a little fall, Donny said “You are Superman, buddy!”, giving Mark a high five – followed by a high score of nine.


Episode 3: Scoreboard Bottom


Tim and Natalie were our lowest scorers of the night with a total of 22 for their Charleston to Money Money – so they didn’t exactly steal the show. Craig gave them a teeny weeny two, saying it was a “disaster, darling”, but at least Len said he wanted them back next week. Joint second bottom are Judy and Anton and Jenny and Tristan, both with a total score of 23. Craig told Judy: “I thought you were getting rigor mortis, my darling!” but Darcey told Judy: “You looked like a film star”. Our Super Troupers Jenny and Tristan aren’t exactly super scorers either. Craig told them: “You were all over the place”, but Len saw some positives stating:  “I think that is the most relaxed and confident I have seen you dance.”


Then finally, third from the bottom (of the deep blue sea), was THAT performance. The one you won’t forget in a hurry. Yes, even our Judges were a tad shell-shocked by Scott and Joanne’s Samba to Under the Sea. Craig scored it a two, saying it was “like lobster on acid!” but Donny gave it a seven, saying: “I don’t care what they’re saying, I loved it!” Bruno was satis-fried it was better than last week, but with an overall 25, will it save their plaice?...


Tune in tomorrow night to find out which couples will be safe and which pair sadly won’t be making it to the sequel. 


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    Comment number 1.

    Is anyone else having problems voting on line this week, there are no boxes on line

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    Comment number 2.

    Voting closed

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    Comment number 3.

    I can't vote either. i'm signed in but not getting the voting page to show.... frustrating!!

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    Comment number 4.

    I am trying unsuccessfully to vote too

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    Comment number 5.

    I logged on to the site as soon as voting opened...impossible to vote. I was still trying to vote unsuccessfully when the voting lines closed...so frusterating!!!

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    Comment number 6.

    It would be interesting to see how the scoreboard looks with DO's (rather erratic and over the top) marks taken out.

    That said, Frankie justifiably leads the way, a standing ovation from me for that one. Kevin really is the king of the Paso, as he showed last year with Susanna. I thought Sunetra and Tim were both undermarked, how on earth is Scott not bottom? Perhaps he got a ridiculous mark from Donny, I don't remember.

    I was a bit bored by Jake's waltz if I'm honest, but he had a tough task to raise to the heights of last week.

    Scott and Judy for the d/o, I don't mind who goes because neither will be in it for much longer.

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    Comment number 7.

    Five judges on a night with 14 contestants was just too much. Donny's enthusiasm would have been better confined to a Friday panel or red button commentary.

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    Comment number 8.

    How good was Brendan with that superb choreography? Sunetra will improve every week with him at the helm. Jake would have marked better with a more traditional Waltz but again the contemporary idea by Janette was really only fully understood by Craig with his theatrical background.
    This series will be difficult to pick the winner this early on and that makes it good. The show is the real winner

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    Comment number 9.

    Sunetra & Brenden were underscored this week, what a beautiful sophisticated elegant performance, good job Brenden

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    Comment number 10.

    Voting on line is just not happening for me,what a waste of time! However the show was fantastic, I particularly enjoyed Brendan's and Sunetra's dance and Jake Wood's waltz. It is good to see a different approach to a waltz, that's what will keep the viewers interested. Who wants same old same old every week?

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    Comment number 11.

    I logged in to Vote today 12/10/2014 and cannot get the voting page to show online. very frustrating!!!!

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    Comment number 12.

    @ Rowley

    You need to vote in the first 15-20 mins after the show. Then the lines close and the results show is recorded.

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    Comment number 13.

    Rowley @11...................and any others with a similar problem.

    I think it was Tess that said, in the closing moments of the show, that the voting lines were only open until 20.50. Tonight's show has already been filmed and the outcome decided. You have to be quick off the mark to vote here.

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    Comment number 14.

    I couldn't vote either and spent ages trying too. Come on BBC sort it out!

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    Comment number 15.

    To all those asking about voting. THE VOTE CLOSED AT 8:50PM. There are only about 30 minutes after the show in which you can vote. Please try to find out how voting works before grumbling.

    Movie week was definitely the week of the traditional Ballroom, with most pulling off fairly successful ballroom dances all be it with a huge variation in quality. Sunetra & Brendan, Pixie & Trent and Jake & Jeanette being the best of these for me. With Steve & Ola a close fourth. Thought Jeanette's choreography was just right for the music. Len needs to think about the use of artistic licence especially when dances are coupled with non traditional music.

    The Charlestons were real opposites , although Thom does make me think of a mannequin with increasing amounts of animation & emotion added week by week. Poor Tim not his finest moment but nice of him to thank the outside choreographers. It did feel like Claudia was trying to stop him giving them a mention.

    Another triumph for Kevin with the Paso choreographed for Frankie. Non traditional music, made to fit beautifully. I note despite Frankie not liking pink, wardrobe have managed to get her wearing it the last two weeks. Mark & Karen. 5 year olds running across the dance floor pretending to be Superman does not a Paso make. Have wardrobe got a job lot of stretchy man jeggings for Mark to wear? If so, please stop, they don't fit properly and look cheap & horrible.

    Rumbas, both were lacking in hip action, Simon more so than Caroline. At least Pasha choreographed some strong lines & separation for Caroline where Kristina looked like she had fallen back in the habit of distraction rather than making Simon use his hips properly.

    Of the rest. Alison & Aljaž made stirling work of a Jive despite Alison's 10 to 2 flat footed feet. Perhaps she should try arch supports in her shoes.

    Both Scott & Judy I suspect will stay in far longer than their ability merits. Anton in particular never seems to work on his partners posture. Judy is an elegant lady so why does he not get her stretching her neck out properly? Tristan clearly tried to get Jennifer to stretch even if their dance was a bit messy. Scott really cannot dance at all and needs to lose his inhibitions and feel the music, which seems very odd considering his day job.

    Dear BBC, never have Donny Osmond on the show as a judge again. He was truly appalling with no consistency and obvious favourites. If this is how you are spending Bruce's salary it is a complete waste "babe".

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    Comment number 16.

    I am logged onto the site but am unable to vote. Is there. Problem with online voting?

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    Comment number 17.


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    Comment number 18.

    The vote closes after the show on Saturday after 15-20 minutes. Tess said this at the end of the show. The Sunday Results show is filmed after the Saturday show and that's why the voting isn't open anymore! Someone has already gone and they are rehearsing now for next weeks performances

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    Comment number 19.

    6. CptScarlet

    Frankie & Kevin would lead with 35 and in 2nd Pixie & Trent with 34 and 3rd on 33 is Caroline & Pasha. In joint 4th with 32 is Jake and Sunetra. Thom & Iveta would score 31 in 5th. In 6th scoring 28 would be Steve & Ola. Mark & Karen would have 26 in 7th. In 8th place is Simon & Khristina on 23. On 21 in 9th is Alison and Aljaz. Judy & Anton, Jennifer & Tristan and Scott & Joanne would be on 18 in 10th place and Tim and Natalie would be bottom with 17.

    7. stomp

    His enthusiasm would have been confined to a padded cell, a dark cupboard in BBC TV Center or somewhere in the Outer Hebridies more like it! Now you know why mum's and dad's never allow the kids to bring back mates for a party when the parents go away on holiday. The guy is a 24-carat and diamond encrusted fruitloop! A 10 in Week 3?! A 9 for Mark Wright?! So at least we got to see what a 9 looks like in the middle of the table. A 7 for Scott....for what exactly? The guy for me danced like he looked. He over-marked in key areas which affected the going.

    Now for my assessment....

    As for Scott. His costume doesn't exactly fill me with the same joy felt around the studio last night. Scott is just another in a long line of personalities who are made up to look as ridiculous as they are portrayed as. He stood out for me for all the wrong reasons. When they are asked to play the light relief as compensation for not being competitive I have no problem. I can relate to them. How many of us in a game would be a strong contender? How many of us would struggle? But when it extends to being asked to wear a goofy costume, then I am placed in a wholly uncomfortable position. I cease to enjoy it and have a laugh. I can't laugh at that. The show must stop this barmy practice of singling out a celebrity for this kind of role.

    Craig. That is now four 2's and eight 3's.The same as he awarded over the whole of last year ironically. And it is only Week 3. One more 2 and one more 3 will beat that. Now everyone wishes to see good performances. But what as many don't want to see I think is such regular ventures into the very lowest end of the scoring from one judge. Nobody deserves to see 2's and 3's. No matter how bad you are. That is the worst of the worst and I don't believe anyone is capable of becoming as bad as some have been perfect.

    But on the upside as a result of the new judge we saw eight new high scores which is good. Though Donny gave a lot as massive helping hand by over-marking. But we still would have seen five if you exclude Donny's marks. Those at the top definitely excelled.

    What didn't need his hand was the great performance from Caroline. She is now back in the race and looking strong.

    Looking forward to next week already!

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    Comment number 20.

    My wife and have been trying to vote since the end of the show last night on two separate pads and neither of us have succeeded in getting the voting table to display.


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