Colin Salmon - Strictly Insider Video

Online team

Wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, we are tracking down the celebs of Strictly 2012, to ask them the questions that YOU want answered. The questions that really matter, questions like “Which animal is more arrogant, the dog or the cat?”; “who ruins Christmas more, The Grinch, or Craig?” or “if you were a cheese, which would you be? Mozzarella or Edam?”

This week, our insider got a tip off that Colin Salmon was training in West London so he headed down with your questions from here, the official Strictly Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Click the video below to see if your question made it to Colin and if it didn’t, keep your eye peeled to the official site for next week’s celeb. 


Post your questions, the weirder the better and you too could become a Strictly Insider…


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