Grand Final: Live Show

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The stage is set, the Glitterball trophy has been polished and four nervous celebrities await their fate (see how they are coping in our exclusive backstage gallery). In one of the most hotly contested Grand Final's in Strictly history one of our celebrities will be taking the coveted Strictly trophy home. Is it too close to call? Let us know who your winner of the series has been and stay Strictlyside as we bring you exclusive backstage pictures and reactions from our couples...

Dani and Vincent are the first couple voted out of the competition.

"I'm so happy we have got 40. We've had the perfect final." - Louis

Louis and Flavia's Showdance received 40 points from the Judges.

"We definitely shook it, I even screamed during the dance!" - Kimberley

Kimberley and Pasha's Showdance scored the couple 39 points from the Judges. 

"That didn't quite go to plan. I can't speak, I don't want it to be our last dance" - Dani

Dani and Vincent's Showdance scored them 35 points from the Judges.

"If this is the last dance we do then I couldn't ask it a better one" - Denise

Denise and James' Showdance scored the couple their first 40 from the Judges.

"This is actually the final, I just can't believe it" - Louis

Louis and Flavia scored 39 points from the Judges for their Salsa to '(I've Had) The Time Of My Life'

"34 is just a distant, bad memory now" - Kimberley

Kimberley and Pasha scored 39 points for their Viennese Waltz.

"To dance the tango with this amazing man in the final is a dream come true" - Dani

Dani and Vincent's Tango to 'Rumour Has It' scored 36 points from the Judges.

"You have honestly been the perfect partner" - James

Denise and James' Jive to 'Tutti Frutti' scored them 39 points from the Judges.

 Lights, Camera, Louis?

Kimberley shares her last-minute nerves before dress-rehearsal



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